Thursday, June 14, 2007


Jessica Rabbit is still under hutch arrest. She is refusing to eat and claims she is worried someone will poison her food. Her condition will continue to be monitored.

I don't know how Jessica managed to hack into my blog, I hope CSI are going to do something about this. From what I can make out she waited until I was having a nap and hopped over me to the computer. Then when I went for a walk she left messages telling Boo she had captured me! I don't think so.

I went outside to have a word with her. Oi rabbit are you in there.

I can't find her.

Oh great, now I've got sawdust up my nose.

Oh Roger you're in, have you seen Jessica? She's in the other hutch is she.

Came down here Jessica, I want a word with you. Jessica refused to comment at this point without a lawyer present. Acting on her behalf Roger said, if the case goes to court she intends to make her plea by phone and is hoping to be tagged and placed under hutch arrest.

Simba xx


Frasypoo said...

That was so funny!Is' nt the rabbit scared ?

Tofu Burger said...

Hey Simba... did Jessica recieve her punishment yet?

Maybe she should be renamed 'yer gonna die#3'... oops, ma says that's too harsh. lol


Maggie said...

uhoh! Jessica's in deep doodoo now! Let her have it Simba!

Love ya lots,

Sparky said...

Uh oh! Jessica's a bad bunny. Did she get in trouble yet?


Toby said...

Oh Simba, I'm so glad you ok!! I thought you had been pupnapped!!!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Simba.
I am so happy that you are ok!
I hope you give Jessica what she deserves!
Have a good night

Peanut said...

I hope you gave here a very stern talking too

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Simba, you sure get a lawyer too and SUE Jessica. And make sure she stays in the hutch for a long long long time

~ girl girl

Boo said...

oh simba,

yeah, i receive a ransom note from jessica. luckily i didn't pay. you were not captured by jessica the wabbit but you went for a walk. ha! the nerve of jessica!

are you preparing a rabbit stew for din din??

wait, if you eat her, it would be too easy for her. i want her to suffer. i want her to be locked up like paris hilton! oh, make her wear the jump suit too!

wet wet licks


Ruby Bleu said...

I go away for one day and the truth is revealed about you being sick last week. I had no idea Jessica was so devious! You must be careful Simba. Maybe the A04 can help?

Lots of Licks and watch your back,

Joe Stains said...

You really want to punish her? Lock her in the hutch with the DOOFUS!

chiyo said...

omg! little jessica evil mastermind with her red eyes! she sounds like she is going to do something really drastic soon. look out!

by the way, you could ask rogers to be a spy and spy on her too. he could probably thump on the cage bottom or something to raise the alarm since he can't bark.


Snowy & Crystal said...

LOL Simba - you sure know how to make our mommy laugh

we loved your post

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal

Huskee Boy said...

Hey Simba!
Good to know that the evil bunny has been captured. She's totally guilty... tsk tsk

Reina the Doxie said...

Hi Simba!

Good to know that you are safe & sound, well except for some sawdust on your nose. But thats alright!
As for that Jessica.... yup, make her suffer!!!!!

Simba said...

Fraiser, she should be.

Tofu, I think that name has a nice ring to it.

Maggie, she'll get what she deserves.

Sparky, we are waiting to hear from CSI.

Toby, I'd bite her bum 1st.

Lorenza, she is a bad bunny.

Peanut, she couldn't even look me in the eye.

Girl girl, do you think she'd have to pay me in carrots?

Boo, I'm glad you didn't pay it, what an evil bunny.

Ruby, I have heard about this army, maybe I should contact them.

Joe, I'm guessing there would only be fur left.

Chiyo, Jessica is right about Roger he is hopeless.

Snowy and Crystal, it had a happy ending.

Huskee, she shouldn't have confused on the blog. Silly rabbit.

Simba xxx

Oscar Airedale said...

Just make sure Roger isn't part of her evil plans and they don't conspire to shut you in the hutch!

Oscar x

Boo said...

ha! i bet she won't eat for the whole month! maybe you should assure her you won't poison her, don't think a thin wabbit stew will be nice!

wet wet licks


Reina the Doxie said...

I wonder who will posion her food... woohooo~!!~~

Amber-Mae said...

Ahahahaha!!! She's been hutch arrest! Good! Hope she'll learn her lesson for GOOD...!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Anonymous said...

WE have reviewed all the evidence and we are impressed with you interegation skills.
We will be round soon to make a Hutch Arrest.
Would you consider joining the SBI.
Best wishes

umekotyan said...

Simba strolls in the box of the enjoyment.
I am sure to want to go up in it. :)

from loved ume tyan

Simba said...

Oscar, good point.

Boo, another good point.

Reina, she'll say anything to get an early release.

Amber, maybe she'll be tagged.

CSI, yay! Jessica is going to prison, Jessica is going to prison.

Ume tyan, you can eat the bunny if you like.

Simba xx

Girasol said...

so she is working with the cats, ummm I think a squirrel must be the boss.
call army of 4!!

Simba said...

A squirrel, oh we're all doomed.

Simba xx

Asta said...

you have to watch out for those innocent looking wabbits..when I saw the wansom note the other day I feawd the worst..I'm so glad you're OK. Don't let Jessica out of your sight, and keep her away fwom the super evil cat
smoochie kisses

Ferndoggle said...

You tell her who's boss Simba! We're not gonna put up with anyone messing with our King!

Sherman, Penny & Lola

Peanut said...

I have seen the post from Raven. Rest assured I am keeping a close eye on her. She will not be able to do anything

Frasypoo said...

Does she have an ankle bracelet ?Is he throwing a Paris ?

Sir Chance-Lot said...

Hahha,very funny post Simba.
I hope it will all get resolved without taking it to court.
Much love and tailwaggins

Billy said...

Wasn't Jessica scared with you going in there Simba??

Have a super weekend!

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Jackson said...

Simba, have you noticed that Jessica has devil eyes? I'd watch out if I were you! J x

Momo :) said...

Simba!! You got a message from CSI!! :) I feel like I am watching TV. Hope everything will work out for everyone!

My mom would like to link your blog to my blog. Hope you don't mine... Simba!!

Momo xoxo

Sweets-littlebigman said...

You look so cute looking out from the rabbit cage. Have a great weekend, Simba!


Bella said...

aha Jessica the wabbit hides her head in shame - perhaps she is sorry for what she did & has learnt her lesson not to mess with the Simba King and his worldwide network !!
But watch out for that sawdust Simba just in case.

Marvin The Dog said...

oooooh Simba, it seems I have missed so much of your adventures with Jessica and Roger.

I think Jessica has sent her spies up here you know - there are two wild rabbits in my garden - well I would be wild I guess if I had to live outside all the time without a comfy hutch!

I will keep looking in to see progress - has Roger the Rabbit got good Legal Credentials?

this is sooooooooo exciting, you may make it into the News of The World on Sunday at this rate!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxxx ;0)

ToFFee said...


Glad you're okay.. I thought you got pupnapped!

Mean wabbit! better be careful of a cat lurking outside! maybe it's her "accomplice". She did say something about a cat helping her right?

Sniff all your food and let her have a bit as well so she'll be the Guinea pig instead of the wabbit!

Sue her for all the sawdusts!

p.s. Mommy love your post.. she been laughing. Mommy is nosy sometimes...

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Is Jessica scared now? Tell ner never to mess with doggies.

Boy n Baby