Saturday, August 09, 2008

Keeping the humans worried.

Mummy and Fat fat Daddy were supposed to go out last night, but they cancelled to stay at home with me, so that part of my plan worked. I spent the evening cuddled up with Fat fat Daddy. Then I kept them awake all night to teach them to take me to the vets, that back fired a bit as Mummy says she is phoning the vets as soon as they open.

Simba x

Simba had a bad night, he couldn't settle. He kept crying and turning himself around, he was obviously in some discomfort. I had to let him out a few times, he'd wee and come back in. At one point he just lay down on the grass looking very sorry for himself.

Simba's Mummy x


I hate the vet more then ever! Not only did they stick another needle into, they forced a pill down my throat.

The vet said Simba's tummy is full of gas and making him very uncomfortable. It could be a blockage, but its unlikely as he hasn't been sick any more.He had an injection to to calm his tummy down and has some tablets to help.As he is refusing to eat we had to make him take the pill, which he was not happy about. He seems a lot more comfortable now and hopefully we'll all get some sleep tonight. We need to keep an eye on him over the weekend, he should be well on the mend by Monday.

Simba's Mummy

Friday, August 08, 2008

Simba is feeling poorly.

I left Simba alone this morning for a couple of hours, when I left I gave him a dog biscuit, like I always do. When I got home his biscuit was untouched, strange, I thought. Although I'd been gone a while Simba didn't come and say hello to me, he just lay on his sheepskin.

I thought maybe he has sulking, so I started to get ready to take him for a walk. Simba then threw up. Nothing too worrying about that, but there were specks of blood in his vomit. He threw up again and there were more specks of blood.

I phoned the vet straight away and I am taking him there at 3 o'clock.

I'm sure its nothing, just something he's eaten while we were out on our walk yesterday. But you know how we worry about our fur babies.

I'll keep you posted.

Simba's Mummy


Back from the vets. Its properly something Simba ate. He's had an injection to settle his stomach and has a paste to take twice a day.

He was not impressed with his visit to the vet and even less impressed that he's not allowed to eat anything until tomorrow.

Simba's Mummy

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Have you all seen Boo's blog today?

I'd like to offer the evil rabbit that has taken over the blog a nice warm welcome. So here is my favorite song, just for the evil rabbit.

Simba x

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

You may think this is just a tree that has recently been cut down. To Simba its the scariest thing he has seen in a long time.

The only reason I can think of that Simba is scared of it is, when he was a puppy in the pet shop, they had saw dust on the floor. The smell must remind him of the pet shop. Poor Simba, I wonder how scared he was without his Mummy in the pet shop. I would never buy a puppy from a pet shop again.

Simba's Mummy xxx

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Mummy and Fat fat Daddy took me for a walk around Verulamium lakes in St Albans. You can see how happy I am running around.

We found some strange looking pine cones. I wanted to see what they tasted like, but Mummy said they might make me sick.

I had to stop a few times to wait for the humans to catch up.

But even so, I really enjoyed my walk.

Simba x