Saturday, June 14, 2008

Am I the lonely one who thinks its very unfair that squirrels can climb trees? There you are chasing it along the ground and suddenly, whoosh, its off up a tree.
I can still see it!

I have tried yelling at them, oi squirrel get down here so I can chase you.

I've tried jumping up the tree after them. All to no avail.

I will keep trying.

Simba x

Friday, June 13, 2008

Other things we saw at no-mans land.
So many logs, so little pee.

Special jumps for little dogs. I'm not sure, it still looks a bit high to me.

Mummy said Boo would accuse me of been to fat to jump, so super Simba took to the air.

I think that makes me king of no-mans land. All hail King Simba.

Simba x

Thursday, June 12, 2008

Mummy was reading my new friend Georges blog the other day and he mentioned a place called no-mans land. Mummy and Fat fat daddy use to go there, many years ago, when dinosaurs still lived on the earth. So Mummy said "on Monday shall we take Simba to no-mans land?" Fat fat Daddy thought it was a good idea. So on Monday off to set to No-mans land.

I ran off in search of new doggie friends to play with.

I hadn't gone far when I met this doggie. Hello doggie, haven't I seen you somewhere before?

Yes it was George himself, out for a walk with his Daddy. My humans wanted to take some photos, but I was busy asking George where he found such good staff for his blog.

After some persuading from Fat fat Daddy, ok, ok I'm lying down, and some yummy sausage from Georges Daddy (adopt me please)....

...they got this photo of us both.

It was lovely to meet you George. Hope to see you again.

Simba x

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I received another parcel in the post and its not even my Birthday!

This parcel was from Eric, my gift exchange friend. Can you see what the label Say's? Handmade by Eric.

Have you ever tried untying a ribbon with your teeth? Its not as easy as it looks.

But it was worth it. Inside were these yummy peanut butter cookies.

Thank you Eric, look at my happy smiling face.

They are the most yummy cookies I have ever tasted.

Simba xx

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

The last couple of days have been hot and sunny here, is it finally summer?

Most days when its not raining Mummy takes me for a walk in the park. I thought I'd share my walk around the park with you.

The first thing I do when I arrive at the park is look for other doggies to play with.

We walk past a football pitch and the little caged in bit where the human puppies are allowed to play.

I have to keep stopping to wait for Mummy to catch up. Why she doesn't run is beyond me.

Then we get to the big oak tree. I wonder how many pee mails have been sent on that tree?

Then we come to the bowling green. Its like a game of fetch for humans.

Doggies aren't allowed in the bowling green. What wouldn't I give to pee on that green grass, sigh.

Then we go across the cricket pitch.

I stop and pee on the cricket pitch, it got to be done! So Mummy , for once, is waiting for me.

Some gardens back onto the park. This mean doggies lives in one. He is always barking at me.

I'm worn out after all that.

But you should always find time to stop and smell the flowers along your way.

Simba x