Saturday, August 23, 2008

When my Mummy hit forty she looked at her life, my human brothers were grown up and she was [and is] blissfully married to Fat fat Daddy. She decided life was for living. She got me [wise move], became a "lady who lunches" and discovered the finer things in life. Good food, good wine [Taittinger], holidays and sitting around on the boat. The result was this.....

...a very fat Mummy. She was so upset by this photo she joined weight watchers the following week. She started getting more exercise, its a wonder I haven't walked my little legs off, and eating healthy food. Now 3 months later she has reached her goal weight and now looks like this...

We think she looks much better.

We are celebrating a year of Air Ruby. I'd like to thank Air Ruby for taking me all over the world and back again.

Simba x

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Getting the attention a King deserves.

By Simba.

With Fat fat Daddy at work and Mummy stumbling around half blind, I have not been getting the attention I should be. Its just not good enough. I have not had walks, my blog has been neglected, some days I have had to remind myself I am a King.

So today I took the opportunity to remind Mummy just how important I am. She finally decided to take me for a walk ( I had a walk yesterday, but it was the shortest walk ever). We were nearly home from our walk when I realised Mummy was walking off without me again. You stop and sniff, you look up and they are gone. So I saw my chance to remind her that the whole wide world does revolve around me.

When she looked around I had gone. She called me, nothing. She walked back to where I had been sniffing, but she couldn't see me. She called me again and I decided to give her a clue to my whereabouts by whining. I can do this really sad, help me whine, it sends her into panic mode. I could hear her running around looking now and I knew the panic was setting in. Little known fact about Mummy here, she is deaf in one ear and couldn't work out where my whining was coming from.

Now with her in full panic mode I stopped whining. She wondered for a minute about phoning the police. But didn't think the police would send a helicopter out for a missing dog, even a king.

I started whining again, she ran around looking in the bushes, thinking I was stuck somewhere. Then she ran the other way towards the little stream to see if I had fallen in. She was really panicking now, she ran to the hole that fills with rain water, thinking he wouldn't be there, we were walking the other way. There I was, ok some would say I had fallen in and couldn't get out, but I had it all under control.

She kept saying oh, Simba, thank dog you are alright. She couldn't reach me, so she had to get all muddy trying to clip my lead on to get me out. She very nearly fell in with me at one point.

When we got home I had warm towels and treats and loads of hugs and kisses. All is right with the world, I am king again. The things I have to do to get attention!?

I gave her my best puppy dogs eyes to remind her how much she loves me.

It worked.

Simba x

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Look what Mummy bought for me, yummy stuff. I think it was to stop me been bored as I didn't get a walk on Monday.

I need to smell it first. I don't eat just any old thing. Well I do, but it should always smell good.

Oh yer smells good, hand it over. It lasted about ten seconds and was delicious. Send your humans out shopping for some today, by order of the King.

Mummy is fine after the laser attack. Her eyeballs are still in her head and working. Thank you all for your concern.
Simba x