Friday, May 11, 2007

Today I am going to name and shame the people who have been mean to me this week.

The week started off fine, then Boo decided to tell the world I had a big bum.

When I say the world I mean the world. Anyone goggling "how fat is Simba?" can see my bottom!!!

Then Mummy told me Fat fat Daddy was home and he wasn't.

Is it "be mean to Simba" week and no-one told me???

Look at my sad face, I'm so upset.

When I have finished looking sad I will plan my revenge. Look what happened to the cat. You have been warned.

Simba xx

Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mummy is mean! I wait all day for Fat fat Daddy to come home and when he pulls up his motorbike Mummy says "where's Daddy?" and I run to the window and I see him, then I run to the door to wait for him.

Look at my happy little tail wagging.

Yesterday it was nearly time for Fat fat Daddy to come home and Mummy said "where's Daddy?" I ran to the door and the window and back again. My Fat fat Daddy wasn't there, she was teasing me.

Mummy is mean and I have it all on video.

Simba xxx

Wednesday, May 09, 2007

The postman delivered another parcel yesterday.
This one was from Boo Casanova. It looks good. It smells good Look how happy I am There was a love letter from Boo attached to the yummy food, but thats between me and Boo.Thank you Boo for a really stinky and yummy present.

Simba xxx
We went back to Mudeford at the weekend, this time we took the boat.

We went down the river Avon. Look how calm and peaceful the water is.

I gave this swan evil looks, as it eyed up my pringle.

Fat fat Daddy then decided to turn theboat around and head out to sea. The water got a bit rougher. The birds you can see are swans, probably after my pringles.

and rougher

and at this point Mummy said she'd be much happier with her feet back on dry land.

So I can be King of the sea without getting a paw wet. Mummy and Fat fat Daddy said I was so well behaved in the boat that I could name it.

Don't be hurt Boo, all boats have girl names.

Simba xxx

Monday, May 07, 2007

Presents from my friends.

Fufu very kindly sent me a card.
What do you mean that doggie is cuter then me?

I can look cute like that too, see.

Boy n Baby sent me a new collar and a card with photos of them on it.

Get my good side.

They even sent Mummy a present.

Oscar sent me a mobile phone (very handy) and two bags of doggie biscuits. I posed for a photo without even noticing the biscuits were there.

And Boo says I think about nothing but food. Didn't even notice the biscuits.

Thank you all again for your birthday wishes, cards and presents.xx Sadly the post man is jealous of mine and Boo's BBM love and has stolen the gift Boo sent to me. If evil postman gets over his jealous rage and hands over my present I will let you know.

Simba xxx
Hi everydog, thank you all for you Barkday wishes. Today I'm going to show you the presents I got off Mummy and Fat fat Daddy. Tomorrow I'll show you the presents my kind and generous friends sent me.

First though Mummy made me pose with a candle in a yummy cheese bone.
It looked so tastey.

For the love of dog how much longer is this going to take?

Fat fat Daddy, make her give me the biscuit.


Now presents, I got a strange ball that makes noises and some yummy biscuits.

Some chew things that help keep my teeth clean. Is this a joke, what sort of present is that!?

Some pretend sausages on a rope. Thats more like it.

A robe for when I get out of the bath. Ok back to the stupid presents now are we. Have an evil eye look.

My very own cat to kill, now I'm a happy doggie.

The cat lasted one whole day. If CSI are reading this, it was my cat and I could kill if I wanted too.

Simba xxxx