Saturday, July 12, 2008

When laundry attacks!!!

Be warned friends playing with the laundry can seem like harmless fun. But it can turn on you without warning and try to strangle you.

Simba xx

Friday, July 11, 2008

The top 4 most evil rabbits in the world.

By Simba.

Number 4.

This is Roger Rabbit. Look at him cuddling MY Fat fat Daddy. He may look all sweetness and light, but rabbits should never be trusted. This one bites and attacks me.

Number 3.

The rabbits at Stanborough lakes who refuse to play with me. Look there are loads of them, you'd think one would be friendly.

Number 2.

Jessica Rabbit. Jessica Rabbit has in the past tried to poison me and has taken over my blog. She was the number 1 evil rabbit, but she has been replaced by.........

Number 1

Lila. The worlds most evil rabbit. She appeared from nowhere and brain washed my Boo into thinking she was me. I am trying to enlist Dopey's help to kill the rabbit, but so far the humans are on her side. Look how she has my Boo cuddling her, truly the worlds most evil rabbit.

If you want to help rid the world of this evil please kill any rabbits you may meet.

Simba xx

Thursday, July 10, 2008

It was too wet to go out on the boat this weekend. So Mummy took some photos, while Fat fat Daddy did some odd jobs.

This is me looking cute.

Some baby ducks with their Mummy.

Me looking cute again.

Here is the flag Fat fat Daddy put on the boat.

We had lunch on the boat and Mummy gave me crispy bacon.

It made my tongue go all funny.

Simba xx

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

We have had lots of rain here this weekend. But you know what the best thing is about rain is? The puddles it leaves behind, big muddy puddles.

Puddles are so much fun!

There are small puddles.

There are big puddles.

And lovely muddy puddles.

Playing in puddles makes me a very happy Simba!

Simba xx

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

This weekend has been very wet and dull. This was last Sunday on the boat.

I like nothing better then lying in the sunshine. On the boat, excuse me you are blocking my rays!

Or while we are waiting to go through the lock. Ahem, fat woman makes big shadow!

ah this is the life, a Fat fat Daddy to cuddle and the sun on my fur.

Simba xx