Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mummy took me to the park yesterday and not only did I meet lots of other doggies (Joe stains and Amber were there.Well they looked like them)I got to play bitey face with this doggie.

We played bitey ears as well, he had the advantage there.

I have decided to have a house warming party for my DWB friends. Mummy is been mean and says I can't have all those muddy paws in her house. So I found this house at the end of the garden.

All DWB are welcome to come to my party, its next Friday 17th August. The theme is James Bond 007. The address is The little house at the end of Mummys and Fat fat Daddys Garden, England.

Simba xx

Wednesday, August 08, 2007

The postman delivered a card to me yesterday. It was to welcome me into my new home.

The card was from my Dahling Boo and his Mummy and pizza faced Daddy. I then set about eating the envelope.

Thank you Boo and his parents for the lovely card.

Simba xx

ps. I am upstairs opening the card. Boo's love helped me make it into the living room.

Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went out on the boat.

I had a lie down on the grass while we waited to go through the lock.

Then we stopped for lunch.

Mmmmm BLT my favorite.

Followed by ice cream.

That what I call a good day out. Hope you all had good weekends.

Simba xx