Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I had a dream that the easter bunny came to see me. I asked the Easter bunny very nicely if I could have an easter egg.

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When I woke up my dream had come true.

We are waiting for Daddy to finish work and then we are going away in the campervan.

I hope you all have a great Easter. I'll be back on Tuesday.

Nose licks and sniffs.

Simba xxx

Monday, April 02, 2007

We walked through the woods and down to the river. Bits of the river were shallow enough for me to walk in.

Although I did get a little bit muddy.

Then the river became a big river and I ran off to have a look at it. Mummy and Daddy called me but I was too excited to stop.

It was right after that I fell in. Daddy pulled me out. I was very cold and very wet. Mummy said at least it washed the mud off.

They took me back to the campervan and gave me a bath. Mummy dried me with the hair dryer and wrapped me up in nice warm towels.

Then I had a lovely long sleep.

Simba xx
Some of Fat fat Daddy's friends joined us at Sandy balls. They all sat around a big big bonfire.

I wasn't allowed near the bonfire, so Mummy gave me a rawhide bone to chew on.

Mummy thought I'd eaten it really quickly. But then she realised I'd buried it.

When we got up in the morning it had gone. Yes something stole my rawhide bone.

Simba xx
We went to the New forest for the weekend. The weather was great, so we went for a long walk in the woods. I walked along the logs.

Over the logs.

and along some more logs.

After all that walking I was worn out and chilled in front of the campervan.

Then we went and had something to eat. Look Mummy gave me chips and I didn't even have to beg for them.

Simba xxx