Friday, March 16, 2007

The weather has been so warm here, me and Mummy put the roof down on her car. I took the car for a little spin.

First I made sure the key was in the ignition.

Then I checked the mirrors.

Theres a doggie in the mirror, god he's a handsome devil.

ahhhh the wind in my ears.

Simba xxx
There are two piers in Brighton. One you can walk along and eat ice cream (as long as you're not a dog) and one no-one can walk along. Can you see why?

Then we went home. We passed a field full of tiny little fluffy things. Mummy said they were sheep. I though sheep were bigger then that.

We saw a lorry on the other side of the motorway. No was hurt, but I thought Mummys parking was bad.

I hope all enjoyed my photos from Brighton.

Simba xx

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We went to look at the boats in the marina. Daddy has got a thing about boats at the moment.

Do you see the wooden walk way? They actually tried to make me walk along there. You could see the water through the gaps and it didn't look very safe to me. So I refused to move.

Luckily they gave up and took me back to the beach. Look at my cute little face, is any wonder I always get my own way?

Simba xx

Tuesday, March 13, 2007

I met some other doggies at Brighton.

Here I am saying hello to a doggie.

Here I am hiding behind Daddy when I realised it was the biggest doggie in the whole wide world. Yes Boo I was scared of the big doggie.

This one was much more my size.

Although he had a Doofus face.

I needed a drink after all that socialising, so we had a cup of coffee on the beach.

Simba xx
I've been to the seaside! We took the campervan to a place called Brighton. It a very stoney beach which Mummy found difficult to walk on. It took her so long to get to the sea I had time to sun bathe.

Still waiting

Then I ran towards the water.

Then a wave tried to drown me and I ran away.

We had great fun and I'll post some more pics from our weekend tomorrow.

Simba xx