Wednesday, March 14, 2007

We went to look at the boats in the marina. Daddy has got a thing about boats at the moment.

Do you see the wooden walk way? They actually tried to make me walk along there. You could see the water through the gaps and it didn't look very safe to me. So I refused to move.

Luckily they gave up and took me back to the beach. Look at my cute little face, is any wonder I always get my own way?

Simba xx


Boo said...

simba is such a cutie pie. i wanna come and give you french kiss! look at your face. and that pink tongue... oh oh oh! i love i love i love

*pervert face*

wet wet licks


umekotyan said...

Does simba fear the sea in the marina?
Let's hold, raise, and take it. :)

From loved ume tyan

Billy said...

Simba you are toooo cute! Love the pictures!

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

Snowy said...

Simba - you look as cute as ever :) I wouldn't walk in the "wooden walk way" too ..That was a smart way to deal with this :)



Maggie said...

I've seen those wooden walkways and they're scary things! You're one smart doggy Simba!

Love ya lots,

Simba said...

Boo, I've gone all red!

Ume tyan, those boards didn't look very safe.

Billy, I try my best.

Snowy, it worked.

Maggie, I don't know what the humans were thinking walking on those things.

Simba xx

Star said...

hi simba, me and my brother think that you are a cutie too! do you really not want to walk in that wooden walk way? maybe you want to, you are just afraid...keep trying though, you'll see its a lot of fun to be able to see yourself in the water and then perhaps you get to ride the boat too!

Girasol said...

you are sweet and cute!
I want to go on a boat ride this year here close to home. Check the link:

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Simba,
I like the pic of you lying on the wooden walkway!! Your expression is priceless... Anyway, the beach looked like more fun than the wooden walkway, so good choice there!

Jasper said...

Boo!! You lil' devil!! Haroooeewwwww...that was funny.
Simba...who could resist that cute lil' face?!?!

Joe Stains said...

I would refuse to walk on that nonsense too!!!

Fu Fu said...

Simba, you look really cute in the picture where you lay on the wooden walk way. How can you smile so calmly on that dangerous path?

~ fufu

Simba said...

Star, I enjoy going in boats, but I don't see why I have to walk on the dangerous things.

Girsaol, that looks like fun, just get someone to carry you to the boat.

Huskee, Mummy and Daddy were laughing at me, how mean is that.

Jasper, I think Boo is inhaling his flea collar. Although I am very kissable.

Joe. they could have carried me.

Fufu, I'm smiling cos I know I'm going to get my own way.

Simba x

Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, planting yourself was a smart move. I bet you're pretty strong when you don't want to move even though you're a little guy. Imagine how strong I am whe I go into stubborn mule mode!

Oscar x

Simba said...

Oscar, Mummy is glad I'm only little or she'd never get me to move some days.

Simba xx

Marvin The Dog said...

Simba - you always manage to look just cute!

My Mum Jeannie says, my Dad is visiting Hatfield on Monday (without me! or Jeannie!) because of business meeting, boring hoooooman stuff.

He would love to have a cuppa with you though if he had the time. He is also going on a sentimental journey as he was at Hatfield Uni many years back before it was a Uni. He used to lodge in a place called Bishops Rise in Hatfield with a lady called Mrs Sugarman.

He has relatives in Hemel and will be visiting them on Monday evening.

Personally I think he is visiting old flames from his Uni days, but don't tell Jeannie! I mean, why else would he want to go there? well apart from visiting you of course! love and licks Marv xxxxxxxx ps thanks for your good wishes, they helped me get better!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

With that cute face of yours, we think you can get away with almost anything.

Boy n Baby