Saturday, March 03, 2007

The votes are in.

We had 18 votes.

Simba and fat fat Daddy: 2 vote(s)

Stupid rabbits (Roger and Jessica): 4 vote(s)

King Simba: 5 vote(s)

and the winner is ......

Simba and Mummy: 7 vote(s)

We did have a few requests to show all the photos, we will show them over the next few days. starting with the winner and 2nd place (which would be me), then the stupid rabbits ( what were you all thinking?) and last fat fat Daddy.

Here is Mummy ( I allow her to kiss me)

Then I stuck my tongue out to show my feelings about the votes.

I love her really

Simba xx

Friday, March 02, 2007

There are no pictures of me here today because we are having a debate. Mummy thinks that maybe you'd like to see something different on my blog. Please note MY BLOG. Pictures of stupid rabbits or pictures of me with my Mummy or even fat fat Daddy. As if!!! Anyway we can't agree so we have decided to let you all decide. On the right hand side is a poll. Please vote for the pictures you would like to see and those pictures will be published on tomorrows blog.

Simba xxx

Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Just to clear up any confusion over who the real king is, I spent all my treat money on a new top.

What do you think? Fit for a king?

Simba xx
I had my first driving lesson in the campervan.

First I had to check the side mirrors.

Then I made sure there was nothing in front of the campervan I could hit. Move out the way fat fat Daddy. Oh hang on, you ate all the breakfast, stay there.

Do you think I could have the keys now, please.

Simba xx

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

We went to the NEC, where Mummy and Daddy looked at boats and motorhomes. They managed not to spend any money. But they did come away with shiny pictures of expensive motorhomes . I did a lot of this while I waited for them to come back.

I was allowed outside without a grown up, but I had to be on a lead.

Daddy got to have a cooked breakfast, even my sad, sad face wouldn't make him share with me.

Paws up who thinks fat, fat Daddy is mean and selfish.

How could he say no to my little sad face??

Simba xx