Saturday, January 27, 2007

Mummy tried one last time to get me to play with the Cuz toys.

It squeaks does it, yer great take it away.

If I ignore her do you think she'll go away and take the stupid toy with her??

For the love of god woman take it away, what do I have to do.

Right thats it, I'm going to find an envelope and post that stupid toy to Boo.

who wants the middle sized one, any one for the big blue one?? Now can I get back to my lion impressions.

Simba xxx

Thursday, January 25, 2007

A lot of the dogs who's blogs I visit have Cuz toys. Mummy saw how much fun they had with their Cuz toys and when she spotted them in a shop the other day she bought me three of them.

Here they are again, all lined up waiting for a doggie to play with them.

Well that doggie is not going to be me! They are the most stupid toys in the world ever. They do not roll like a ball, they are not as tastey as my keys, and they are not fluffy like, well, fluffies.

Here I am after a long days playing, trying to sleep. Please note, chewed up keys, snowman with bits hanging off and my ball. All played with. Then there are the stupid Cuz toys, all lined up waiting for a doggie to come alone and play with them.

So any doggie out there willing to give a good home to three unused, untouched, unplayed with, stupid boring Cuz toys. Take them.

Simba xx
Here are some of my tops.

The top I wear to work

Bad to the bone, me?

At last a new raincoat

says it all really

Mummy likes this one

Before anyone gets the wrong impression of me here I am roaring like a lion.

and here is a top just for Boo and sometimes Mummy

Simba xx

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Finally I got to find out what snow was like. Its cold and wet and great fun!!!

Here are some pictures from my walk this morning. Can you see me?

Come on rabbits come out and play,

This stuff is great for hiding in.

Although it sticks to your nose.

Simba xx

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm worn out after my boat adventures. Here I am in the boat.

Is that Singapore I see over there?

Mummy said she'd never been so cold and wet in her whole life. Daddy and big Bro went way out to sea.

I dug holes in the sand while we waited for them to come back. Look I have a sandy nose.

Simba xx