Tuesday, January 23, 2007

I'm worn out after my boat adventures. Here I am in the boat.

Is that Singapore I see over there?

Mummy said she'd never been so cold and wet in her whole life. Daddy and big Bro went way out to sea.

I dug holes in the sand while we waited for them to come back. Look I have a sandy nose.

Simba xx


Huskee Boy said...

Hi Simba,
You really looked like you had great (albeit wet) time!! I can't believe you got to go on a mini-'cruise' with your hoomans.. lucky fella!

Boo said...

oh simba, you look so cute in the first pic! no wonder you are my GIRLFRIEND!

did you really go to the sea or just posed on the boat??

i think your muzzle is longer than a shih tzu. i'm a shihzoo x pekingese. so my nose is rather flat coz pekingese have short muzzle.

wet wet licks


Ben_Benjamin said...

oh you really have fun isnt?

umekotyan said...

It is a good boat.
As for Japan, Singapore is nearer in the vicinity soon.

From loved ume tyan

Ferndoggle said...

How fun Simba! I would love to go on a boat but water scares me!


Baily said...

oh wet wet wet wet wet

nose licks

Girasol said...

you have a interesting life my friend.

Verdi said...

simba friend, these fantastic with your safe lives of the boat, he remembers me to my new lap belt of the car of the female leader

verdi xxx

Simba said...

Huskee, yes we were all very wet.

Boo, yes my muzzle is long then a shih tzu.

Ben, it was great fun.

Ume tyan, it was too cold to go all the way to Singapore.

Lola, its not the water thats scary its Daddys driving.

Baily, cold, cold, cold.

Girasol, its never dull.

Verdi, Mummy is very over protective.

Simba xx

d7y7 said...

Wow! Simba wishes he can go on a boat.... for a second, then he'll jump right into the ocean :)

chiyo said...

allo sailor! oooh that's a handsome picture of you looking out to sea. use your binoculars and i'm sure you'll be able to see all the way to where i am! i'm waving my Moosie to the north now :)

did you get into the water at all? it would be a waste if you didn't try out your new life jacket/hand bag :p

land ahoy!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Good thing you got that haircut! Isn't boating fun? I always bark at other boats!

Bussie Kissies

Joe Stains said...

that sure looks fun, but really cold!!!

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

ooh Simba, you look so handsome. U are scoring points, Simba Boy.

Boy N Baby

Fu Fu said...

Simba.. what an advanture you had. Did you spot Singapore? Please come visit us...

~ fufu

Jemma said...


Is that a life jacket I see on you? I have one, too! Except I've never been able to use it yet. Mum bought it for "emergencies" but I'd rather have FUN like you did with it!


Simba said...

Big Simba, my Mummy thought I'd do the same.

Chiyo, I certainly got wet!

Buster, I'd still be wet without the hair cut.

Joe, trust me it was.

Boy n baby, blushing,

Fufu, I saw land, don't think it was Singapore though.

Jemma, yes its a life jacket, just for doggies.

Simba xx

Oscar Airedale said...

Looks like a fun day out! Digging on the beach looks like fun!

Oscar x