Saturday, September 22, 2007

You are all so observant. Yes there are three cushions on the bed and one Simba.

This was me Thursday evening, doing what I do best. Sleeping on my sheep skin. Look at me all cute and fluffy.

Friday morning I was taken to the groomers and now I look like this.

As you can see I'm very please with my new haircut. Unlike a lot of my DWB friends I enjoy going to the groomers.

Asta is having a Hoedown on Monday. I have my outfit ready.

Have a great weekend every dog and hamster.

Simba x

Friday, September 21, 2007

Hello every dog and hamster, today we have a question for you. Every morning when makes the bed she put fluffy cushions on it. The question is.... How many fluffy cushions are there on the bed?

Tomorrow night is party night at The dogs of Jackman ave . They are having an Abba night. I'm ready.

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Simba xx

Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Here are some photos of our weekends on the boat. Hope you like them.

Simba xx
Mummy and fat fat Daddy took me for a walk in the woods. There was a little bridge there. The water had all dried up so I ran under the bridge.

Mummy and Fat fat Daddy tried to get a photo of me doing this.

attempt one, too slow.

attempt two, Simba moves faster then a speeding bullet.

attempt three, ooooo nearly.

Mummy gave up and took a photo of some trees. She said it was too show the autumn colours. I think it was too show she is worse then useless at taking photo's of a moving Simba.

Simba xx

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

When Fat fat Daddy got his Smart car, he said the boot was for me.

On our first outings in the car I was so shocked I sat in the boot unable to move. Looking sad and feeling sorry for myself.

I soon realised no-one was going to take pity on me and if I wanted to be given back my rightful position in the front seat I would have to do it myself. The humans are old and fat and by the time they have put me in the boot and walked around to get in the car themselves, I had just enough time to get into the the front.

Its ok I'll drive, you can sit in the boot.

But they kept putting me back in the boot. Then I discovered this.

That's more like it, dash board dog.

Simba xx