Friday, September 21, 2007

Hello every dog and hamster, today we have a question for you. Every morning when makes the bed she put fluffy cushions on it. The question is.... How many fluffy cushions are there on the bed?

Tomorrow night is party night at The dogs of Jackman ave . They are having an Abba night. I'm ready.

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Simba xx


Boo said...

2... oops, 3 cushion, i saw one simba colour, one pink and one white. plus ONE HUGE LHASA APSO made cushion at the back. well, i guess that's the lazy one back there.

seriously, your mom put cushion on the bed? why?

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

I can't tell how many cushion there are. Is the answer 3?

You look ready to pawty Simba. :)

~ Girl girl

serendipity said...

Is this a trick question?

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Our guess is 3.

Boy n Baby

Huskee Boy said...

I guess there are 3 cushions plus 1 'cushion-wannabe'...

Maggie & Mitch said...

Do we count you as one of the fluffy cushions? hehehe
You look smashing, Simba! I'm not sure we're going to the pawty. We don't have anything to wear!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Girasol said...

5 and you.

Girasol said...

by the way nice bling bling...corona hehehehe salud(cheers)

Katherine and Pippa, said...

I love the outfit, mistress won't make me one. I might not be going either - she wants to chaperone me. Too many girl dogs she says. Pooh.


umekotyan said...

In the bed, simba seems to be pleasant, and it is asleep. Marvin
danced the preparation of the party of jackman.
Simba should come for marvin with smart with me. :)
Now, and let's dance the weekend and reveal it.

from loved ume tyan

TH said...

I see tree and you.
Thanks for visiting my blog.
Have a good weekend!
See you later!!

TH said...
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Simba said...

Boo, she thinks it makes the bed look nice.

Girl girl, I'm ready for dancing queen.

Serendipity, maybe.

Boy and Baby, again, maybe.

Huskee, wanna be, I'm so much more then a wanna be.

Maggie and Mitch, go through your Mummys wardrobe, you never know.

Girasol, how big do you think this bed is?

Pippa, not much of a party without girl doggies.

Ume tyan, yes, lets dance.

Thor, nice to meet a new blogger.

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

well, I think you look a right dancing queen in that last picture Simba!

I think there are two cushions and one Simba on the bed!

See you at the party, I am going disco!

love and licks, Marvin xxxxx

Ruby Bleu said...

are there 3??? actually 2 and one simba!!!

You look pawsome in your disco gear...all ready to go.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Blue said...

Simba the glitter queen!
You look fab...
Have a great party
Disco wishes
How are your John Trovolta moves?
Did I spell him right?

Jackson said...

Hey Simba, the more cushions the better! You can NEVER have enough. Like your pawty outfit dude! J x

Asta said...

I think thewe awe thwee cushions and one Simba.hehehe
Gweat pawty outfit...see you thewe
smoochie kisses

ChaChi Lu said...


You are a STUD! And that isn't "Jive Talkin'"!

Your dancing Queen,

ChaChi Lu Pink Champagne

Sparky said...

Hmmm... 4 cushions?

You sure do look ready for the party!


Boo said...

simba, how's your hair cut? hope the groomer didn't cut it too short. i prefer a HAIRY simba. LOL

wet wet licks


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Simba,
You have a lot of BLING BLING going on. It *almost* hurts my eyes to look at ya. Have fun and boogie the night away!!

wally said...

Will you be my Dancing Queen?


Bella said...

Your picture is fabulous - look at you !!
But maybe you have that pimp-daddy look going.

Ferndoggle said...

Simba, you are always the life of the pawty!! That bling, bling looks HEAVY!

Penny & Lola

Stanley said...


You were smokin' hot on the dance floor at that pawty ~ especially after you lost the big gold medallion. It was holding you back, man!

Loved hanging out with you.

I have no idea about the cushions. Were you up there on the bed?

Goob love,