Saturday, November 11, 2006

I had a terrible nightmare last night, I dreamt the CSI people had put me in prison!!

I had to sleep with Mummy. We are going away again this weekend. The good news is, look what Mummy bought me..

A brand new mini me. Come here and give me a kiss mini me.

Thursday, November 09, 2006

Its with great sadness I have to tell you all mini me is no longer with us. He has gone to the bin. He was found on the livingroom floor, his ear ripped off and his stuffing pulled out. CSI have been examining the last known photos of mini me.

Here we are watching telly

Giving mini me a kiss

Then we had a cuddle

Then we played lets rip your ear off

Then we played let me sink my teeth into you and see if your stuffing comes out

We were only playing and there is absolutely no evidence that I had anything to do with mini me's accident .

Well maybe there was one photo, I suppose it looks like mini me's stuffing on my fur. But I've been framed!!!

We went for a walk in a big wood. we were looking for chestnuts. Daddy says they taste good, so not knowing what a chestnut looks like I just looked for tastey things to eat.

I'll start looking here

No nothing tastey there, what about over here

Behide me, ok

maybe you have to dig for them

Well I couldn't find any. Daddy did, Mummy said it was the Queens estate and Daddy could end up in the tower for stealing chestnuts. Glad I did't find any now. Can you blog from a tower?

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

We came across a big puddle on our travels.

I felt like a swim, but there were hundreds of big ducks in this bit. Not going in there to get pecked.

This was better, only one orange thing in there, gave him what for.

Then I found a stick, mean Mummy took the stick away. She always does that!

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

I had a great weekend, lots of walks and even water to splash in. We ended up in Sandringham, not been a corgi no invite to meet the queen. I now have a new way of traveling when we go away for the weekend. I call it my space pod. It goes on the back of the scooter and off we all go.