Thursday, November 09, 2006

We went for a walk in a big wood. we were looking for chestnuts. Daddy says they taste good, so not knowing what a chestnut looks like I just looked for tastey things to eat.

I'll start looking here

No nothing tastey there, what about over here

Behide me, ok

maybe you have to dig for them

Well I couldn't find any. Daddy did, Mummy said it was the Queens estate and Daddy could end up in the tower for stealing chestnuts. Glad I did't find any now. Can you blog from a tower?


Boo said...

Oops Simba! You gonna get the evil "paws wash" when you get home!

did your daddy share his chestnut with you?

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Hi Boo,

Daddy said we had to roast the chestnuts first. He let me try them, not bad, needed a little bit of chicken I think.


Zach said...

You can't blog from a tower if they put an evil pillow over your face. But maybe otherwise .. it might be high enough to pick up a wireless signal. I wouldn't advise trying it though.

Simba said...

Hi Zach,

I don't like the sound of the evil pillow! I think I'd rather go to the V.E.T.

Simba x

Marvin The Dog said...

Hiya Simba !

You will certainly need a jumper if you come to Scotland at New Year! That is when we get the white, cold stuff falling from the skies.

They say it is called Snow.....

But I like it as I can turn it is a magic trick I have learned! I will show you how to do it when you visit!

Beware of Yellow and licks Marvin x

Simba said...

I love learning new tricks! I'll remember the jumper.

Thanks Marvin.

Simba x

Fu Fu said...

Aw Simba, so sad that you didn't find any chestnuts. Did you find any other tasty things instead??

~ fufu

Simba said...

I crunched a few sticks and the leaves weren't bad. Loads of things to sniff though.

Simba x

umekotyan said...

I ate the chestnut.
Though there is no such a thing.
Incidently, it had not eaten the chestnut yet this year.
It gives it to me when finding it.
We will wait.

Simba said...


If I find chestnuts I'll send you some.


Sunshade said...

Simba Simba I was just looking at all your cute pictures, and I wondered if the origin of your name had anything to do with Simba from Lion King?? You are soo cute just like him and that patch of brown/tan hair on your head is just like Simba's. He's my favourite Disney character other than Little Mermain (I love to eat sushi)!!

That park is so boootiful and please send me some chestnuts with the X-mas cards ok? I know I have no shame..

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba said...

my Mummy wanted to give me a name like a lion. My two foot brother love the lion king, so he suggested Simba.

Mummy says I am her little king.

I'll get Mummy to sort out chestnuts.

Simba xx