Friday, February 02, 2007

Mummy went out and left me alone yesterday, I didn't mind because she left me with my new toys to play with.

First I took the labels off like Boo asked me too.

Then I played with Mr Lion.

Then I played with Mr Ratty.

Then I licked off all my paw prints so CSI won't blame me if anything ahem happens to them.

Mummy said I've left DNA, huh, whats DNA??

Simba xx

The evil postman knocked on the door this morning and Mummy had to sign for a parcel. I was really impressed because I didn't know she could write her own name. Sadly she has no friends and the parcel was for me!!!!

I got to work opening the parcel.

Is that Boo I see before me?

Boo sent me valentine gifts, a rat and a lion and stuff I can eat. See I knew he cared.

Give me Mr Ratty,

Thank you so much Boo, look I'm so happy I'm smiling.

Simba xx

Thursday, February 01, 2007

I think we had some gate crashers at Boo's party last night. Does anyone recognize any of these guys?

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Our friend Hayley came round yesterday. Hayley normally sits me on her lap and plays with me. But there doesn't seem to be any room on Hayleys lap for me now. Look whats happened to Hayley.

If I sit on her lap now I get kicked! Mummy says Hayley has not one but two babies in there. Now I've heard about babies, boynbaby have one. They taught their baby to feed them cereal. Now if I can get both these babies to feed me cereal. Ahhh bliss.

Simba xx

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Mummy took me for a walk yesterday. When I came across something I'd never seen before, two men wearing jackets like this.

They looked just like something out of Dr Who, they were carrying a thing called a map. Clearly they were going to kill us all!!!!! I tried to warn Mummy with a bark but she wouldn't listen. I knew better then to hang around, so I ran, oh did I run. I could hear Mummy calling me, but I wasn't going back. I tried to warn her, if the map men were pickling her brain that was her problem.

I ran until I was nearly home, when suddenly someone grabbed me. One of our neighbours, who has obviously seen the map carrying people and was offering me a safe haven.

A few minutes, quiet a few, Mummy turned up, puffing and panting, so unfit that woman. Then she hugged me, I know how she felt we were so lucky to be alive. Then the strangest thing happened, she told me off, she told me off!?

Hadn't I just saved her? Something about never running off like that again, anything could have happened to me [yer the map men could have got me].

Now she says she's not going to tell anyone she named me after the Lion King she's going to tell people she named me after this lion.

She's on her own next time, how ungrateful.

Simba xxx
Mummy and Daddy took me to the lakes for a walk. Look we met a little tiny doggie.

Come here and play little tiny doggies.

Mummy held onto me. so I wouldn't fly away like Dumbo.

Look at me, King Simba

Then I met another doggie, oops this one isn't tiny. I won't chase him.

Excuse me, what do you're doing. Boo, help!

Stop it now or I'll bite your ears off.

Simba xx