Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Sunday was a beautiful day so we went out on the boat.

I had a lie down on the grass while we waited to go through the lock.

Then we stopped for lunch.

Mmmmm BLT my favorite.

Followed by ice cream.

That what I call a good day out. Hope you all had good weekends.

Simba xx


Boo said...

simba, it's only been a month for your last hair cut but you look pretty fluffy now. love the smile. can't believe u have the whole ice cream by yourself. what is BLT??

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh I wanna go boating with you Simba, good view, great food and yummy desserts..

~ girl girl

Luckie Girl said...

Hey Simba,
I hope you didn't get boatsick. hehe.. :)

ToFFee said...

wowf! dinner at the yacht! sound like lotsa fun..

is BLT a sandwich? Beef Lettuce Tomato? or that singer Bizaare Love Triangle? just guessing..

sounds delish anyway...


Balboa & Mommy said...

You're a natural on that boat! Are they gonna let you drive the boat soon?

Frenchie Snorts

Simba said...

Boo, Mummy was just saying I need a hair cut.

Girl girl, you can come along anytime.

Luckie, no I'm an old sea dog now.

Toffee. Bacon. lettuce and tomato, you were so close.

Balboa, I think I should be allowed to drive.

Simba xx

Bella said...

OOOOhhhh that looks like a great day out - what a lucky Simba & all that yummy fud - drool, drool

Peanut said...

a blt and ice cream. Man you are one lucky dog

umekotyan said...

Simba enjoys emptiness, the boat, and the grass.
And, lunch is full marks.:)
It is wonderful holiday.

from loved ume tyan

Gaucho and Verdi said...

a grate day outside no??? good...
and look that the sun shininig...
the perfect day...

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

I just love BLTs! Except I spit out the lettuce....and the tomato.....so really I just like a Bs!

The pictures on the boat look amazing!

love and licks, Marv xxxxxx

ps have you ventured upstairs yet at home?

Asta said...

You twuly live the life of a king..that looks like the bestest way to spend a day! I'd like to come too
smoochie kisses

Maggie said...

You have quite the life Simba! Boating, BLT's and ice cream! What could be better??!!

Love ya lots,

Tofu Burger said...

Hey Simba, Wowie... you had a great day on Sunday!! So didja eat the lettuce and the tomato too? I would've only gone for the good stuff, namely the BACON! Argh...YUM.


Jessie and Jake said...

Oh we are soo jelous - you are really treated like a king!

We wish your mom and dad would adopt us - oops our mom just heard us and we have to get off the computer now and do chores.

Think of us when your out there on the beautiful water :-)

Cubby said...

You are such a dog of leisure!

Girasol said...

wow you really are a lucky dog

Frasypoo said...

Hi Simba,
did you get to work on your tan ?
Your lunch looked lovely!

Momo :) said...

Simba, What a great way to spend your weekend! You had a nice sunny day and enjoyed the boat ride, BLT and IceCream.. VERY VERY nice!!

Momo xoxo

Lorenza said...

Hi, Simba.
That is a great way to spend a day! I always say that you are really lucky!
Thanks for sharing with us!
Have a good night

Scrappy and Pebbles said...

WoW Simba what a lucky dog. You certainly had a great weekend. I cannot wait for summer to arrive down under.

Tail wags

chiyo said...

bootiful day out! :) i notice your lifejacket goes lopsided pretty often. is it supposed to do that?


Joe Stains said...

BLT is my Dad's favorite sandwich ever, even more than big fat hamburgers!

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh thats what I call a dog life.

Ferndoggle said...

Living the high life...as it should be!


Jackson said...

You're living the life of Riley! Ice cream and a BLT on the same day?! You're one lucky pup. J x

Butchy & Snickers said...

Hey Simba,
Wow, looks like you had a great weekend! And you even get ice cream on the boat! We would love to ride in a boat like yours. Mama loves to be in a boat just floating around a lake. Do you have any boating doggie friends?? We wondered if many dogs go out in the boats. Glad you had such a good time!
Luv & Wirey Hugs!
Butchy & Snickers

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Whats BLT? You look like you had a great time.

Boy n Baby