Thursday, May 10, 2007

Mummy is mean! I wait all day for Fat fat Daddy to come home and when he pulls up his motorbike Mummy says "where's Daddy?" and I run to the window and I see him, then I run to the door to wait for him.

Look at my happy little tail wagging.

Yesterday it was nearly time for Fat fat Daddy to come home and Mummy said "where's Daddy?" I ran to the door and the window and back again. My Fat fat Daddy wasn't there, she was teasing me.

Mummy is mean and I have it all on video.

Simba xxx


Boo said...

mommy is always the mean one! i was cheated few times by mom too. both of them come back at the same time, i can smell dad but he would be hiding behind a pillar or something. mom will start asking me "where's daddy? where's daddy?" she obviously think i'm stoopid! we have good nose and i make sure i put it into good use!

wet wet licks


Maggie said...

How come moms are so amused by teasing us with these dumb games? I somehow think it's all camera related!

Love ya lots,

Peanut said...

Oh geez My mom does that to. But with my kids. It will be almost time for them to come home and she will say "Peanut where's your girl or where's your boy" and I will go running around looking for them. She likes to do this the most when my girl stays after school and won't be home until late. I wonder about mom's sometimes

Oscar Airedale said...

Hoomans are so easily amused! I too get all excited like you when my daddy come in. Mum also finds saying "find daddy" works well for getting me to recall.

Oscar x

Girasol said...

You are a fast runner!!

Bella said...

Simba King,
that's not so cool to tease you & do false daddy's home - so if you just decide to bark your head off in the middle of the night & that bother's them then you can just say - hahahaha just teasing ;-)
hee hee hee

Amber-Mae said...

Oh your mama is SO mean to you Simba! Be the king, attack her! LOL! I usually don bother if my mommy leaves me alone at home... But if she takes my ball along with her, then yes! I must go with her too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Oh no, you mom is mean. Think all moms are like that. Mama likes to tease us too. They think we are silly but they dont know that we are just pretending..he he

Boy n Baby

Simba said...

Boo, its not just Mummy who's been mean to me this week.

Maggie, I think she is just evil.

Peanut, they are so cruel.

Oscar, if she wants me to come to her she just has to say my name. But I suppose thats no fun.

Girasol, I love running.

Bella, thats a good idea.

Solid Gold dancer, I'm trying to ignore her at the moment.

Simba xxx

umekotyan said...

Meeting simba is perfect.
Love is transmitted. :)

from loved ume tyan

Boo said...

oh simba, who else is mean to you? who? who? i'll beat that dog up if i know! i know definitely that's not me, right?

wet wet licks


Marvin The Dog said...

Simba - ny Jeannie is mean to me too, either teasing me about C A T S or my Daddy coming home!

love and licks Marv xxxx

Isabella said...

Oh, that was mean! My Human does things like that to me, too. And I always fall for it- you'd think I would learn not to believe her.
Big Wags,

Joe Stains said...

oh that was mean but that video made us bark and then tanner just kept growling!!!

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Mom is reading blogs and commenting on them for me at the moment (because I am lazy and I am sleeping) and I when I heard you barking I jumped up on the arm of the couch and stared at the computer. You are fierce!


chiyo said...

your bark sounds more manly than boo's hahaha. i see you have a lookout point on the couch near the window. and the window is conveniently close to the ground too so you can look out on your hind egs!

hee hee i only bark at the door when i know it's not family. when HM comes home i sit and smile and squiggle around.

are you out sailing again this weekend? :)


Simba said...

Ume tyan, I love my Daddy very much.

Marvin, why are they so cruel?

Isabella, we are too trusting.

Joe, Tanner growling at me, that can't be good.

Sweets, thats my friendly bark.

Chiyo, I have a loud bark for a small dog. Not sure what we are doing, its going to rain all weekend.

Simba xx