Thursday, June 14, 2007

Help me I am been held captive by humans. My name is Jessica rabbit and this is my story.

I came to be held captive by the humans four years ago, in that time I have made many brave and valiant bids for my freedom.

After been held prisoner for one year a fellow cell mate came to share my prison. He is called Roger he had no desire to escape and even said he enjoyed living with the humans. I realised I would have to escape alone. The humans repeatedly found half dug escape tunnels and filled them in. Without Rogers help I feared I was doomed to be held in captivity forever.

Last year we moved house and a "dog" appeared. The dog was not forced to live in my small prison, but is allowed to live in the house. He is often allowed out into the world but willingly returns. One day I managed to dig a tunnel to "next door" the dog sounded the woof alarm and I was brought back and my escape tunnel filled in. It was then I realised the dog was in cahoots with the humans and is actually another prison guard.

I have tried to eliminate the dog and just last week I managed to get the dog to eat poison a friendly cat obtained for me. Alas the dog was just ill and survived.

Now I have discovered the dog has a way to communicate with the outside world, a "blog". I have taken advantage of one of the dogs many naps, to hack in to the computer and type a message.

I don't have long the humans will notice and the dog will wake up and then I will be put back in prison with hopeless Roger.

Please help me escape.



Girl Girl Hamster said...

Oh.. you tried to poison Simba.. You are evil...

~ girl girl

Boo said...

gosh! must wake simba up before you freed yourself! prisoner must be captive. murderer, ok, attempt murderer must be eaten alive!!!


wet wet licks


Boo said...

this is for simba,

i forgive you for kissing the swan... well, they say, if the price is right and...

wet wet licks


Toby said...

Hey Mr. Wabbit, you're not being nice!! Leave Simba alone!!!

Maggie said...

Bunnies and kitties are trying to eliminate OUR Simba????!!!! Wait till Simba reads this! You'll be wabbit stew pal!

Love ya lots,

Oscar Airedale said...

Yeah, Jessica you should know that it's mainly fellow doggies here! I think you just need to work harder to kick Roger into shape if you really want to escape so badly. But seems to me you have quite a nice life. Just the other day I saw you got presents. Are you sure the grass is greener on the other side of the garden fence?

Oscar x

Ferndoggle said...

You're not gonna find any help here if you're trying to poison our King!! I suggest you find some fellow bunny blogger to help you plot your escape...that do not require you to hurt our little Simba!!!!


umekotyan said...

It is a role of ume tyan that digs up the hole. :)
Is it a mission to rescue simba?

from loved ume tyan

Amber-Mae said...

You meanie little thing! How could you do that to poor Simba?! What has he done to you??? I think you're gonna get caught in a while & be put back in a steel prison! Hahaha! You won't be able to chew thru this time...

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

PreciOus said...

So that was why Simba fall sick. Bad Jessica, bad girl.

Snuggle to Simba,

Boo said...

SIMBA!! do you want me to rescue you?? i hope jessica is not putting more poison to your food. i miss simba!

wet wet licks


Billy said...

I think you have to free Simba otherwise, Boo is going to be on your doorstep and it won't be a pretty sight!!!

Simba, Boo is lost without you ...

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Marvin The Dog said...

oooooooh yummy, I hope you escape real soooooooon and head on up to Scotland. You look DELICIOUS, very plump and juicy, just the way I like my rabbits. Yum!

But you are a bad bunny to poison poor Simba, now I do you did this I will enjoy my Rabbit Stew........;0)

Anonymous said...

I should have known all you dogs would unit against me and even a hamster. Where are all the rabbits and cats are they all in prisons too? I hear foot steps I believe the furry guard has returned. I will return to the garden.


fee said...

miss jessica,

you're not a pwisoner, you're a pet! i have two pet wabbits and loves me! you gotta learn to love simba too!


Boo said...

jessica, everydog in the world is watching you. you won't be able to escape! c'mon, surrender simba or you become roast wabbit/wabbit stew!

wet wet licks


Reina the Doxie said...

Oh my holy paw!!!!!!!
What have you done to SIMBA??? Simba the king of the paw-world!
Well, u go ahead and dig your hole to escape and leave our Simba alone. The hoomans are gona be back and you will be in rabbit shit!

*Paws & Hamster Unite*

Huskee Boy said...

So it was you, you evil rabbit.. you tried to murder Simba??! DO NOT lay a paw on him or you'll have ME to answer to.. (look at it from my perspective, if your evil plan succeeds and Boo loses Simba, Boo will then start courting all the other girls on DWB. Can I allow that to happen?? NOoooo..)

Huskee Boy said...

So it was you, you evil rabbit.. you tried to murder Simba??! DO NOT lay a paw on him or you'll have ME to answer to.. (look at it from my perspective, if your evil plan succeeds and Boo loses Simba, Boo will then start courting all the other girls on DWB. Can I allow that to happen?? NOoooo..)

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Evil Rabbit! And to think we tried to tell Simba that you are a cute and nice girl.

We are packing our bags now to save Simba.

Boy n Baby

Ben_Benjamin said...

Oh I better call up the troop of AO4 !!! Hey army, we gotta fight the wabbit !!! Get ready now !!

Anonymous said...

CSI Will of course investigate your claim Miss Jessica.
We already have our eye on that Doggie.
We suspect he might be FBI - Dog Division.

Tofu Burger said...

Jessica, jessica... this is not a place in which your pleas will be answered. Especially since you have admitted to hurting Simba. Next will be the real slammer, with with Paris Hilton he ehheheheheh

Sleep with one eye open!

Lorenza said...

I guess you got to the wrong place asking for help! Even more now that you admitted to poison Simba!
I feel sorry for you!

Peanut said...

This is Raven the cat. I am willing to help you fight off the human and the dog. Ah Peanut is coming I must go for now.

Joe Stains said...

Jessica that was sooo mean! You know in my part of the world we EAT rabbits!!!

Simba said...

PEANUT, keep an eye on that cat.

Simba xx

Hammer said...

Jessica Wabbit

You've got me to contend with now. I'm huge and I'm mean and a wabbit is no match for me. I'll throw you up and shake you silly if you lay a whisker on my friend, Simba. He is the King.

From Hammer, the wabbit chaser and catcher in Australia

Simba said...

You tell her Hammer, hahahahahaha bunny.

Simba xx

Girasol said...

you evil rabbit! I will find you and destroy you. check my video, imagine its you!:

Simba said...

ahhh look Jessica the nice doggie wants to play with you.

Simba xx

Jackson said...

Hey Jessica, if I help you escape, will you let me eat you? Thought it was worth asking. J x

Bella said...

oh no Jessica such evil in such a cute package - perhaps those years of solitary confinement turned you evil !!!
Why not be friends with Roger & consider that Simba & the hoomans are protecting you from the dangers outside.
Wuffs & hands off Simba