Friday, November 24, 2006

I went to the vets to day.

Its ok Mummy I'll drive.Oh so you're driving are you? Do you know what your doing?

You need to take the hand brake off.

Have you put the car in gear? Women drivers.

Well we made it there! I went straight in and while I busy kissing the nurse [you have to do that so they give you treats] they took my stitches out. I didn't even notice. I was so brave I got my treat and came home. I'm worn out now.

Simba xxx


Opy - the Original GruffPuppy said...

Glad that you are okay Simba - and that you didn't get the dreaded thermometer !


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Funny, here in the USA you would be in the drivers seat!

Bussie Kissies

Chiyo said...

simba remember to get your mom to get you a high seat when you drive. you'll spook other drivers when they see no driver in the seat :p


umekotyan said...

Good evening.
Vitz is seen well.
Because it is Japan, is it natural?

Simba said...

Hi Opy, thank heavens.

Hi Buster, Mummy would have been on the wrong side of the road too. The way she drives it wouldn't make much difference.

Chiyo, she never lets me drive.

Hi ume kotyan, hope you are wel.

Simba xx

T-man said...

Simba - Where did you learn to drive so well? I'm scared to do that.

Cubby said...

Poor baby. I hope you feel better now.

Boo said...

hey simba,

in the 3rd photo, u look more like begging "mama please, let me drive. i still wanna live".... LOL

you look so cute!

i also notice you have a small small mouth... good for kissing! (but please don't let chiyo know or she said she wants you to be her man).

wet wet licks


Toby said...

Yay, Glad to hear that whole "snip snip" this is done with!~ Now you can concentrate and playing and being naughty!! lol.


Simba said...

T-man, most people and dogs, drive better than my Mummy heheh.

Thanks Cubby, yer all better now.

Boo, I hope your not teasing. ahhh Chiyo.

Toby, thats what I do best.LOL

Simba xx

Fu Fu said...

Oh you got your stitches out. Great, you are so brave Simba and you deserved those treats. ;)

~ fufu

Simba said...

Hi Fufu, I'm glad thats all over.

Simba xx