Wednesday, November 22, 2006

I have my very own passport. Its blue, which is my favorite colour.

There's an offical stamp on it, the stamp is to prove I have had my rabies shots and I am micro chipped. It even tells you were my micro chip is. Next time we go shopping Mummy says she is going to get me scanned at the checkout. Not sure I like the sound of that!

Look theres a picture of me.

Mummy says I can go to Europe, but not until March 07. I have to go to a vet before I'm allowed back into England, so I can have worm and flea treatment. How come humans don't have to have flea treatment?


Chiyo said...

simba, are you right now in UK? and are you going overseas? i suppose you'll be taking a flight? i think that's both scary and exciting!! i'm gonna be taking a flight next year too, most likely to europe :) lots of prep to do


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

A traveling pup. The rents take me up to North Carolina with them a couple of times a year. We stay in a log cabin home on a mountain and I'm not allowed to run down to the stream. It even gets cold up there!

Bussie Kissies

Simba said...

Hi Chiyo, no flying for me. We will either go on the ferry or the euro tunnel,

Hi Buster, so much more fun then been felt behide isn't it.

Simba xx

Boo said...

hey simba,

you got your own passport? that's consider ridiculous in my country! if i have my own passport, i'll visit chiyo whenever i want!

wet wet licks


Sunshade said...

Wow your own passport?? I don't understand why you can't go to Enland until 07 when you obviously have your passport already!!

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Simba said...

Hi Boo, Its better then quarantine

Miss Sunshade, I have to wait 6 months from the time of my rabies shot. I can leave the UK but I can't come back yet.

Simba xx

Fu Fu said...

Simba, that's so cool that you have a passport. Does it mean you can come visit me in Spore??

~ fufu

Simba said...

Hi Fufu, yes, I'll come and help you with your Christmas cards.

Simba xx

Huskee Boy said...

Hi Simba,
When you visit Fu Fu in Singapore, come by my place and we can exchange some butt sniffs, won't you?

Simba said...

Oh cool, butt sniffs. Why don't humans do that?

Simba xx

Toby said...

Simba, that is so cool! Your own passport with picture and everything. We don't have that here in Canada. would they know where to find my microchip then?? Now I'm worried. Gonna let Mommy know.


Snowy said...

Hi Simba, I loved your passport's color.

I have one too, but mine is yellow *yukh* I don't like its color, but I sure love my passport since it allows me travel with mommy =)

will it be your first time to travel? if yes, then you will just LOVE it. I can't wait until it is Jan, and I go to London with mommy =)

Great pictures of you as always

Simba said...

Hi snowy, I've never been out of the country. We are only 20 mins from London. Will you be going in one of those big flying things?

Simba xx