Saturday, November 25, 2006

I got muddy paws on my walk. Its not my fault I'm nearer the ground then most dogs. Mummy made me have my paws washed. She put me the sink! I have some pride.

I am not going to look at you.

Stay? What in the sink? No way, I'm going to walk all over your clean work tops with my muddy paws. Huh that'll teach you.

Get the towel off me! I do not look cute!

Do you think maybe I'm fluffy enough now?

yes my teeth are clean.

There all clean and devishly handsome.

Simba xx


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

The rents were talking about bath yesterday...didn't happen! Whoosh!

Bussie Kissies

Simba said...

Hi Buster, I've been promised a proper bath after the weekend. oh deep joy!
Simba xx

Boo said...

oh simba, you look absolutely a dream boy... but too bad i can't have you. i love your last photo. you look absolutely handsome!

wet wet licks


Simba said...

ah Boo, ya making me blush.

Simba xx

T-man said...

Maybe you can wash some dishes while you are taking your bath (hee hee!).

The result is worth it -- you look great! :)

Simba said...

Hi T-man, don't give Mummy ideas! lol Simba xx

Bond said...

Hi Simba,

I love bathing, wish I could squeeze into a sink like you :P

Ronak said...

Simba, I've been having so much fun reading your blog! I used to be able to fit in the sink, but now I have to go in the bathtub. In fact I just had to get a bath today. I know what you mean about the fluff factor... enough is enough! And my girl can't drive either. Hee hee!

Simba said...

Hi Bond, you could wash one paw at a time.

Hi Ronak, I bet you get loads of baths to stay so white and fluffy.


Chiyo said...

simba you ARE handsome! :) i've never noticed it before! :p hee hee that's what comes of having hair in my eyes half the time. did you get a whole bath or just a footwash???


Toby said...

Simba...mommy thinks your muddy paw pictures are adorable too!! I on the other hand, understand how you feel. What's wrong with muddy paws???


umekotyan said...

Oh.Is the dog washed with the sink?

Boo said...

hey simba,

gotta warn you not to DO ANYTHING not on my approval list to the beautiful Miss Chiyo! even though you are handsome but ahem... chiyo is mine! i'm flirty but chiyo is mine! i'm handsome and still chiyo is mine! LOL

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Thank you Chiyo, just a foot wash, thank heavens.

Hi Toby, they make such a drama out of muddy paws.

umekotyan, yes in the sink!

Boo, ok, I'll just admire her for afar. Well the UK is pretty far isn't it?

Simba xx

Freda said...

Hey Simba,

Received your Christmas card. It's reeeallys cooools! Thank you. I hope you get mine soons.

Wish I could get my bath in the sink too. Now that the water is fallin' down here, I have to get my big paws washed after EVERY walk. WHAT A PAIN!!! But the rub-down feels soooo goods.

You looks soooo cleans and handsome.

Again, thank you for the card. Happy Holidays!!


Freda said...

Hey Simba,

Forgot to bark, may I add you to my 'Paw Pals' list? That would be cooools!

Wuufs! Again.

Marvin The Dog said...

H there Simba!

Been on my hols! Got your card today! so excited.....mine is in post very soon!

How cool is your card? Loving it to bits.

Best Boy Barks, tail wags etc love and light and licks Marvin from Scotland x

Fu Fu said...

Simba, you have such nice teeth. I like the last pic of you. You're so cute

~ fufu

Simba said...

Hi Freda, I'd love to be added. Glad you got the card.

Hi Marvin, see, told you not to be sad. How could I not send the only UK card LOL.

Fufu, thank you, blush, blush.

Simba xx

Snowy said...

omg!! I just LOVE your *I'm fluffy enough* picture ... You are sooooo cute and fluffy.



Simba said...

Thank you Snowy, I think you're really cute too.

Simba xx