Thursday, August 23, 2007

Mummy left me alone yesterday while she went shopping. I love it when she does this, she feels guilty and buys me treats.

Yesterday I got these.

They are ice lollies just for doggies. They are ham, beef and chicken flavored. They had to go into the freezer.

I also got this.

Its a bone filled with yummy stuff. I tried to reach it while Mummy took photo's.

Not more photo's. Am I ever going to get this treat?

She started to unwrap it, oh yes this is yummy.

Then she decided to do the sit and wait thing. Somebody shoot me! oh excuse me I'm drooling.


Simba xx


Gaucho and Verdi said...

simba.. you eat all???
and what happened with the friend einnnnnnnnnnnnnn

River said...

That bone looks so tasty - can't wait to see how the ice blocks are!!


Luckie Girl said...

Hey Simba,
What's the bone filling?? Issit cheese? or Peanut butter?

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Woh your mom sure buys great stuff for you when she goes shopping. :)

~ Girl girl

Boo said...

share simba, share! your bone looks yummy. please enjoy on my behalf.

wet wet licks


fee said...

hey simba, that's the bone i've always wanted!!! can you eat the outside as well?


Goofy said...

wow...that looks yummy... u sure had a nice time enjoying this yummy bone!!!

Bella said...

Simba your level of concentration of the bone says it all - it must be really really yummy !!!

Balboa & Mommy said...

whoa that's a lot of bone for a little doggie, but hey after pulling a boat, I can see that you need lots of nourishment.

The trauma of making you wait to get that bone and taking pictures of it! HMPH. I'm glad you finally got it! It looks real good.

Frenchie SNorts

pearly said...

That sounds so pops..mmmm

Ah Boy said...

simba, u r so lucky
get to taste yummy food :)

Scruffy & Lacie said...

Hi Simba! We heard about you via your 007 pawty. Wow! Like ur Dad's new Bond car...that's a crime you have to sit in the back. Cruel. Come and play in our blog sometime. Perhaps we need to add a lake to our play area just for you!!

Happy Barks& Lakie kisses!

Scruffy& Lacie

Asta said...

I love the pictuwe of you licking that hooge bone..was it as yummy as it looked?
smoochie kisses

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

wow. I am so impressed with your treats, especially those ice lollies!

You look so darn cute in those pictures there Simba!

love and licks, Marv xxxxxx

Frasypoo said...

That looks so good,Simba.Did you finish it ?
I cant wait to see the lollies
PS:Mommy said its been 5 years since she heard the word"lollies",made her homesick for a teensy moment

Maggie said...

A stuffed bone!!!!!!! Mom thought of buying those for our trip on the ferry but they're kind of messy! Did you get ickies all over your face Simba?

Love ya lots,

Snowy & Crystal said...

Oh - those treats look so yummy

Woofs and puppy arfs,

S and C

Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

Makes me want to breaks out my Frosty Paws! Thanks for the reminders.



Loui (and his mum!) said...

Simba did your mum go to Jolleys?? My mum went one day this week and stocked up on lots of lovely goodies for me!

Loui xx

Boo said...

hey simba, i notice you haven't been replying our comments huh... lazy!

wet wet licks


pee/s: those prince and princess are a secret code to make fun of somedog! but rest assure it isn't you!

Sparky said...

Ooooh, that look very yummy! Don't eat it all, save some for me!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Simba.
You are so lucky getting treats everytime your mom goes shopping without you!!
That big bone looks delicious!! Is it??
Have a good night

Joe Stains said...

those ice pops look absolutely delicious! you sure are lucky!

chiyo said...

wait a minute, i thought i saw the label saying "Pet POOPS". that would have been cool, all us pups could earn some pocket money sending ours in to be packaged and sold

i never knew you had to sit and wait for stuff. i thought you were king and kings don't have to do this stuff


Simba said...

Boo is right I have been very lazy. Sorry :(

Simba xxx

Huskee Boy said...

OMdoG... you get ice lollies for doggies??!! Can you please mail some to me?? puh-leeeese???

Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow, the pet pops look yummy but that big bone with stuffings in it looks even more YUMMY!!! I have one of those bones but it's just a bone without anything inside it...Boohoo! And it's sooo solid rock hard too!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ferndoggle said...

I love those big bones filled with yummies! I haven't had one in a long while though.


Jemma said...

That bone looks so yummy! You're making me drool.

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Simba, we are going blind. we read the threats as pet 'poops' and then we had to look again...haha

Boy n Baby

PreciOus said...

Oh Simba, I lurve that bone! I tried it once and it was delicious! Mine was cheese and some other flavour which I don't remember. What's yours?


Pacco de Mongrel said...

u seems 2 b a veli patient pup, simba