Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Fat fat Daddy bought himself a little car yesterday. Its called a smart car and it looks like this.

All when and good I thought until I discovered they planned to make me sit in the back. Yes you heard me in the back, not the front seat or Mummys lap, the back!

I tried my sad sad face.

I tried giving them the silent treatment.

I even tried my puppy dog eyes.

They are heartless, totally heartless. I considered ending it all.

Luckily I found a nice big muddy puddle to splash in before they threw me back in the car. They muttered something about. that's why you are going to be sitting in the back. Whatever!

Simba xx


Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...

ooooh those Smart cars Jeannie nearly bought one a while back.....but I was tooo big to go in the back.

I think I prefer to see you travelling in style Simba, like you usually do. Please don't end it all 'cos of a silly car!

love and licks, Marv xxxxx

Gaucho and Verdi said...

your eyes of sadness not have convinced him? what the pond very good.
is that we are incomrendidos friend.

Snowy & Crystal said...

Hey Simba - only looking at your first few pictures convinced our mommy..LOL your pawents are much stronget that mommy hehe We can always get what we want by doing these doggie tricks of yours ..

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal

Boo said...

simba, i think they purposely look for a small car to torture you. run! run to me!

wet wet licks


Girl Girl Hamster said...

That car looks cute but you look so sad there. I would let you sit on my lap if you give me those sad puppy eyes too

~ Girl girl

Reina said...

Don't end it all because of a smart car!

You can try to sneak out in the night without them knowing!



Luckie Girl said...

Hey Simba,
You should get your own set of wheels. And then make your hoomans squeeze at the backseat. That should teach them a lesson.

umekotyan said...

A small car can pass narrow road by the small turn's working.
And, it is perfect when assuming it is small mobile that carries simba.
It applauds a wonderful car. :)
Did a new car buy it?

from loved ume tyan

Ruby Bleu said...

So I don't mean to be rude, but can FF Daddy fit in the smartcar? It seems kinda tiny. OK, that was just not a nice thing to say. I'm sorry FF Daddy. It's ok Simba, I don't get to sit up front of the Ruby-mobile either!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Hammer said...

Hey Simba
Good on you for getting dirty in the muddy puddle. Serves your hoomans right for making you sit in the back of the car. How can they be so hard. You are so adorable.
Love from Hammer

Balboa & Mommy said...

Well I'm glad you got back at them with mud. How dare they put you in the back!

Frenchie Snorts

ChaCha & Yuki said...

oh such meanies. tread all over the car with your muddy paws in protest!


Amber-Mae said...

Oh wow! A two seater Smart mini car! My mommy is in looove with this car. She said she'll only buy it when she wins that million dollars in that dumb singing competition which she'll be joining the auditions this coming Sept 8th. Hope she doesn't make it! Hahaha! Or else no more time for me...Waaaaaahhh! Oh poor you..Chucked at the back of the car. Totally unfair! I too got chucked at the back a few times & I was NOT happy! Oooo, muddy water! FUN!!!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Frasypoo said...

A lil bit of mud will teach them to treat you badly !!

Maggie said...

What a cute car! Wait till it's not so brand new Simba! They'll let you ride in front!

Love ya lots,

Tofu Burger said...

Oh Glorious mud puddles! Riding in the back is not tooo bad... its like ff daddy is your driver, royalty never sit up front! That's like target shooting for snipers...ewwwww


Jackson said...

Hey Simba, how could they resist the puppy dog eyes treatment? J x

Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Aw Simba, you poor thing! I'd like a Smart car, I'm awful at parking and I bet they're pretty easy.

Katy x

Marvin - Braveheart Hound said...


HIC! OOOOPS...i have HAD TOO MANY VIRTUAL DRinkies.....I have copied your idea but my Pawty is Virtual.....call on over to mine, I am hosting a Virtual First Year Blog Anniversary Pawty.

You are welcome! love and hiccupy licks, Marviiiiin xxxxx hic!

Anonymous said...

Love the way you got your revenge Simba - I wonder if they'll let you in the front next time you go out now!


Lorenza said...

Hi, Simba.
You dad bought a very nice car!! So sad you had to go on the back seat! But that happens to me all the time too! Sadly you will get used to be there!!
Muuuuuuuuud! I love that!!

Huskee Boy said...

WHAT? You mean they resisted those sad puppy eyes?? But well, I think you have taken your 'revenge'!!

Joe Stains said...

wow how does fat fat daddy fit in that little little car???

chiyo said...

a smart car eh? you sure your ffdaddy can get in? hee hee. you would think the sports car would be good enough.


Casper said...

Nice car! Maybe you can steal it away and take some of us for a spin ;)

Simba said...

Oh Simba, I know how you feel buddy! I have to sit on the FLOOR of our car. At least you had the back window to look out of!

Bella said...

That's not a car - that's a shopping trolley :)
Or no wait - it's GG's car !!
If they are gonna put you in the back - jump around all over the place lick the windows.....etc
Good effort with the muddy paws :)

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Cool Cool Car!

Boy n Baby

Ben_Benjamin said...

Simba, thats smart for 2. So you are lucky that they brought u along....

Freda said...

Hey Simbas,

Good on your dads. That's sooo cooools your peeps bought a Smart Car. They are FINALLY gonna to sell them heres. (Big dummys for waitin' soo longs.) We gets lots of miles per gas stuffs in our Prius.

I sit in the backs of our movin' box and wear a harness so I don't get hurts if we have an accidents. We've all got to make sacrifices if we want our friends and families to have a healthys world.