Tuesday, May 22, 2007

While on my walk today I disappeared into the bushes, when Mummy called me out of the bushes she was stunned to see I had a baby rabbit in my mouth. It looked just like this.

It was so cute, i was going to love him and keep him forever. My very own baby rabbit. I even named him, ya-gonna-die#2. But Mummy didn't seem as pleased as me about the baby rabbit and yelled "leave it!!!!!" at the top of her voice. I don't she's ever shouted at me before me, I was so shocked I let go of ya-gonna-die#2 and he was so scared of Mummy's shouting he ran away. My every own baby rabbit gone forever.

Mummy said she was glad I hadn't hurt the baby rabbit and hopefully he ran back to his Mummy. But I wanted to keep him, Baby has a hamster and I'm not allowed to play with Roger and Jessica. All I wanted was a pet of my own. sob.

I would never have hurt ya-gonna-die#2, I ask you does this look like the face of a rabbit killer?

Simba xxx


Boo said...

all 4 paws, tongue, tail, ears are up in the air to say YES, THAT'S THE GOOD OF A RABBIT KILLER!

wet wet licks


Boo said...

i mean LOOK of a rabbit killer

wet wet licks


Oscar Airedale said...

Wowie Simba! Quick, any tips while mum's not here?

Oscar x

Girl Girl Hamster said...

Aw Simba, you lost your baby rabbit. I think he ran away coz he didn't like the name you gave him

~ Girl girl

Pearly said...

You look innocent.. :P but that baby rabbit need to go back to mommy...

Amber-Mae said...

Yeah, you do sort of look like a rabbit killer... Just clip up your hair on top of your head with cute clips & then maybe you won't look like one. Heeheee... Poor little baby rabbit! Hope it has found its mommy by now...

P/S: The video should be working now. I've changed the status to 'public'.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Ruby Bleu said...

Hey Simba...
sorry you lost your pet, but wouldn't the mommy rabbit miss it's baby rabbit? Just like if someone else took you???

One day you'll get your very own pet...Lots of Licks, Ruby

Girasol said...

I think that sometimes we need some blood in our paws.

Star said...

Oh no! We had some baby bunny rabbit in our yard, found by my Dada when he was cutting the grass. The mean Mummy rabbit left them (2) the next morning I saw this big ol bird taking off with the baby rabbits, I tried to bark out loud to scare the big bird but he isn't listening, that made me and my brother sunny sad.

Marvin The Dog said...

oooooh Simba! I don't think you look like a typical bunny killer, far too sweet and innocent looking.

But I have to say the name you gave your baby rabbit, kinda gave your game away!

Very funny post!

love and rabbity licks, Marv xxxxxx

umekotyan said...

It is a size of simba that seems to be defeated at the rabbit.
It is forged by the rabbit in Scotland.:)

from loved ume tyan

Bella said...

Simba King,
Your weird sleeping place sure it that & doesn't look very comfy compared to 'sheapskin rug' !!!
And well I think we all know what you had in mind for 'ya gonna die #2" - hmmm your mama was right to help you let him back to freedom !!


Simba said...

Boo, would I?

Oscar, go for the little ones, they are easier to catch.

Girl girl, really? You think it was the name, maybe I should have called him "lunch".

Pearly, I bet its Mummy had loads more babies and wouldn't have missed one.

Solid gold dancer, hair clips, I want to look cute and adorable, not girly.

Ruby, it wouldn't have missed its Mummy for long, evil laugh.

Girasol, exactly, I am a dog not a doll.

Star, maybe the bird wanted a pet Bunny.

Marvin, yer, the name was a mistake. Pie is a nice name for a rabbit.

Ume tyan, I think English rabbits are easier to catch.

Bella, I would have played nicely with him. Until his stuffing came out.

Simba xx

Maggie said...

I love the name you gave the baby bunny! Very creative Simba! Too bad he escaped!

Love ya lots,

fee said...

dear simba, that looks just like my pet wabbit, poopoo, and yes, i do believe you would never have hurt the baby wabbit. i never would too, but mom just refuses to believe me either.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We dont think you look the slightest bit like a killer. I think you should have named him Youre-gonna-live#1.. then maybe you get to keep him.

Boy n Baby

Sparky said...

Awww, that's too bad you couldn't keep your baby rabbit. :(


Peanut said...

Oh I think you might have killed him but it would have been an accident I am sure.

Billy said...

Oh Simba that wasn't a good name you gave the little rabbit, he was probably scared of you. It's too bad you couldn't keep him though.

BIG hugs from Billy Boo:)

Joe Stains said...

I can't believe you went through all he trouble of catching that rabbit yourself and then you didnt get to keep it!

Simba said...

Maggie, maybe I'll find him again.

Fee, I was just going to play with it.

Boy n baby, hummmm ya-gonna-live, nice, but not strictly true.

Sparky, I have nothing, sob, sob.

Peanut, I wasn't going to kill it, not yet any way.

Billy, scared of me, surely not.

Joe, it took me ages to catch one, seconds to see it run away.

Simba xxx

PreciOus said...

Oh that baby rabbit is soo cute! It's no wonder your Mummy got worried. Perhaps you could convince your Mummy by playing nicely with him first? =D



Hey Simba come over to our blog. We found some bunnies for you!!!! Hurry, come and see them.

Woofs Casper, Buddy, Nikki, Winnie

Anonymous said...

I guess I must have missed the story of ya-gonna-die#1. That sweet innocent look gets 'em every time - they never know what hit 'em!

Jackson said...

I'm very impressed that you caught a rabbit. What's your technique? Can you give me some tips? Jx