Saturday, May 26, 2007

I have been tagged by Boy n Baby: for two different games.

TAGGED 1: 7 things about me that you may not know. (apart from Boo, because I tell him all my secrets)

1 I don't like small children, I growl at them

2 when I was a puppy my human brother shut my leg in a door and I had to be rushed to the vet. It was badly bruised, but not broken.

3 While I was in the vets having my x-rays one of my litter brothers arrived to x-rays because he had a gate shut on his leg.

4 My Mummy and Fat fat Daddy took me back to the store they got me from to get food for me and I cried and shook so much they promised never to take me back again.

5 Mummy put a top knot in my hair for a week until Fat fat Daddy and my human brothers made her get my hair cut.

6 I sometimes go a whole day without eating

7 If someone comes to the house when Mummy is out I hide upstairs and I won't come down stairs until she comes home. If no-one comes round I stay on my sheep skin in the hall.

TAGGED 2: to post a picture of myself with other another dog or animal, a funny caption to go along with the picture.

Woah! there Donkey, they'll be butt sniffing going on here.

I have decided to tag, Baily, Casper and Ruby.

Simba xx


Boo said...

simba, did you keep in touch with your litter brothers then?? dog, i wonder what the pet store did to you to be so scare to go back. i was from a pet store too and mom and dad brought me back for twice, i think. actually i can't remember how long i was at the pet store before mom came to pick me up too. you must have a very very bad memory of the store.

how come i don't see that top knot photo? that would be sooooooo funny. it could be the joke of the year! coz i'm a boy, mom disallow the groomer to tie a top knot!

you are not the only one go without eating for the whole day. if i don't like the food, i'll do that too.

i wonder how your mummy found out you hide upstairs? don't you bark? i learned how to bark from my playmates now i bark whenever there's someone passing my door.

wet wet licks


Simba said...

Boo, I didn't keep in touch the vet realised he was my brother from our records.

Mummy would wonder why I was upstairs when she came home, then some of her friends would say they had popped round and she was out or they would be a parcel left on the door step. If Mummy is there I bark to protect her.

Simba xx

Snowy & Crystal said...

Hey Simba,
give us the location to that pet store and we are gonna teach them a lesson. You sure did have a bad memory...GRRRRRR to that pet store.
We too are the same if we did not like what mommy serves us hehe =)

woofs and puppy arfs,

Snowy and Crystal

Oscar Airedale said...

Great facts and photo Simba.Owie, poor leg!

Oscar x

Marvin The Dog said...

ooooh Simba, the leg story is horrid, and I am glad you no longer have to wear the top knot, you would not be able to fit your Regal Crown on if you still had it!

love and licks Marv xxxx

Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Simba...
Thanks for the tag!!! I'll get working on that today...

I have an owie story to tell too...that will be a good fact to post.

I CANNOT believe you won't eat for a day. I can't even imagine that!!!

Are you going out on the boat this weekend? If so, have a great time and take lots of pictures of all your adventures!!!

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Jackson said...

I hate all children, not just little ones. Not eating for a whole day? I can't believe it! I'm feeling weak just at the thought of that. Better go and have a snack. J x

Maggie said...

I can't imagine not eating for a whole day! I'd starve to DEATH!!!!

Love ya lots,

Simba said...

Snowy and Crystal, I'm just glad I have a loving family now.

Oscar, I did cry a lot when it happened.

Marvin, not nearly as glad as I am.

Ruby, we won't be going anywhere this weekend, its too cold and wet.

Jackson,I'm glad its not just me.

Maggie, if you hold out long enough they feel sorry for you and give you nice stuff.

Simba xx

Bella said...

Poor leg but sounds like no lasting problem with it. Seriously not eat for a whole day?? Are you sure you don't grab a snack when no-one looking !!! I couldn't do that I'd fade away !!!
ps the top sonds cute - like your own "crown of hair"

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Hi ya Simba. Love the photo with you and the asses. Mom wanted to put a top knot in my hair (I am a Shih Tzu X afterall), but she lost her patience trying to grow it long enough. You see, I get matted very easily. She brushes me a lot, but still the matts come. Thanks for all that great information about you. Your poor leg, that must've really hurt. That's so sad that you cried. You poor thing.


Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

We also will starve the whoe day if the food is yucky. It works with my hoomans. Never fail for them to give us more delicious stuff the next day :)

Boy n Baby

Isabella said...

Love that photo, Simba! Did you sniff their buts? Hee Hee!
Big Wags,

Sparky said...

Great picture! Cute Donkey. :) (Not as cute as you, of course)


Janie said...

My that's a big dog you're talking to there!

Janie T.P.

Boo said...

simba simba, i'm here for ya now. i forgot to warn you about a$$, they kick small doggies! sometime big doggies and hooman too. so next time don't stand too close to them.

wet wet licks


chiyo said...

funny i thought i left a comment about your *or your mummy's* new car but i don't see it.

the car is awesome. i will let you take Boo out on a ride and a tete-a-tete first, but make sure the next one is me! i am all ready for the ride, i have something to post about that hee hee

you poor thing. the store must have been traumatic. i have never been brought back to the store i was from, because HM was chicken and was afraid the storekeeper will laugh at her for not knowing how to take care of a dog. that was a year ago, but now she's just too plain lazy to go back.


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Simba, you poor thing. I hope your leg is not ouchie anymore. I like that pic of you and the donkey. I hope he's not rude to you

~ girl girl

Boo said...

simba have you read chiyo's latest post yet? dawg, i thought i'm first on your car ride list? how we have evidence showing you took chiyo out!!! gosh, i'm crying so hard, i look like the doofus on my latest post!

no licks only sobs!


Huskee Boy said...

Dear me, I wonder what that pet shop did to you to terrify you so much.. I am glad the hoomans don't go back there anymore!!

Huskee Boy said...

Oh, I forgot to add this.. did you ask Donkey how much he was paid for Shrek 3???

Amber-Mae said...

Oh no your leg & your litter brother's leg! Hope you both are okay... Good facts there!

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Simba said...

Bella, my leg is fine now.

Sweets, I think top knots are for girls.

Boy n baby, it works every time.

Isabella, if you saw what was in the field you wouldn't have sniffed butts either.

Sparky, I am the cutest.

Janie, it had a really strange bark.

Boo, I'd kick his ass.

Chiyo, love the car post.

Girl girl, the donkey was very friendly.

Boo, don't be such a drama queen.

Huskee, I thought they were going to ask for a refund.

Solid gold dancer, now you all know everthing.

Simba xx

umekotyan said...

Simba is strong.
The camel is not feared.

from loved ume tyan