Saturday, December 02, 2006

Here's what is inside the advent calender. Its a paw print made of doggie chocolate.

Why do humans have to be so slow. Hurry up and take the photo so I can eat it!!

To answer Boo's question, the white fluffy thing in my photo is a cushion. Here I am with it when I was a puppy. Its like sleeping on a cloud.

Simba x


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Don't let Boo near your cushion - he'll - ahem - "love" it!

Bussie Kissies

Isabella said...

Yummy doggie chocolate! Was it good? You are so lucky to have a calender full of goodies.
Big Wags,
20 days till Christmas!

Fu Fu said...

Hey Simba, That chocolate paw looks yummy...
The fluffy cushion looks comfy..

~ fufu

Fu Fu said...
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Boo said...

ah simba,

the fluffy thing... ahem, look like part of you! hehehe!

dog chocolate? i wonder how it taste like. must get mom to hunt for it.

wet wet licks


Sparky said...

Those are great pictures!!


T-man said...

Mmm..doggie chocolate. Can I come live with you?

Joe Stains said...

that cushion looks like the best thing ever!! if it was at my house I would like to rip all the hair off it :)

Chiyo said...

wow chocolate pawprint! what will they have next? chocolate nose-prints, chocolate bum-prints??


Tigersan said...

You can have the treat... me wants to sleep on that cloud :)

Simba said...

Buster, I don't think that would please Mummy.

Isabella, thats 20 more chocolates then.

Fufu, the cushion is very comfy.

Boo, don't let her back in the house until she has some.

Sparky, thank you, thats because they are of me. ;)

T-man, ooh yes there are not enough dogs around here.

Joe, then it wouldn't be comfy.

Chiyo, I'll do a google search and see what I can find. Then we can share.

Tigersan, you can borrow my cloud.

Simba xx

Sunshade said...

Simba, that is sooo cute, so interesting. I wish I could find a doggie advent calender here.....

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

umekotyan said...

The appearance to be asleep is lovely.
And, is sleep effective in the chocolate?

From loved ume tyan

Simba said...

Miss sunshade, send your Mummy out shopping.

Umekotyan, not the effects of the chocolate, bored waiting for stupid human to take photo.

Simba x