Friday, March 06, 2009

If I have to share the sheepskin and NSFF Daddy its only fair that I get to have a nap in Jazzi's little bed.

No evil Mummy I am not way too big for the little bed. Although I may need a hand to get out of here.

Have a great weekend everyone . Mummy would like to say a huge thank you for all your support on her race, especially those of you who have sponsored her. If you would like to sponsor Mummy or find out more about the race for life, here are the links.

Simba and Jazzi


Boo Casanova said...

gosh, didn't know how small lil jazzi is until u sleep in her bed. you are one giant in the bed. but i wouldn't say the bed is too small. you look absolutely cozy in it.

wet wet licks


Martha Basset said...

mmmm - we're a bit worried Simba that you are now wedged into that bed! Perhaps your mum will need to pick it up and shake it for you to fall out!

Have a lovely weekend.

love and kisses
Martha & Bailey xx

BenTheRotti said...

Did you manage to get out Simba?


Ben xxx

Huskee and Hershey said...

Ummm Simba, we hope you manage to get out of the little bed!! You look so cosy snuggled up in there.. where was Jazzi??

Maggie and Mitch said...

You look pretty comfy crammed into Jazzi's bed, Simba! Is she in your bed?

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Abby said...

Hi, Simba...

You look really cozy in Jazzi's bed...I hope you didn't need to turn over...

Abby xxxooo


Hey Simba and Jazzi,

My gooodness Simba, that sure looks like a tight fit. Jazzi, you must be very small. I have plenty of room for all of us in my bed if you want to come share it with me.

The Mommy just loved the shot of you guys sleeping on your Daddy's legs.

Have a good weekend...{{{huggies}}}..Mona

Molly and Taffy said...

That bed certainly is a snug fit Simba.

Have a nice weekend.

Molly and Taffy

Stanley said...


I think you look at home in Jazzi's bed. Who says you have to leave it? Just order room service when you get hungry.

Goob love,

Petey said...

Um, I sure hope Jazzi wasn't already sleeping in her bed when you decided to get in!

Your pal,


Marvin -The Hollow Hound said...

I think you may need two hands Simba!

My J got your Mummy's email, she is going to sort out the sponsor stuff after my walkies this arvo!

Well done your Mummy!

lotsaluv, Marvin xxxxx

The FOUR Musketeers said...

You look very comfy in that bed !:D

Bobby said...

Well it looks a tight fit for you, but you look comfy.

Asta said...

Simba and Jazzy
Good fow youw Mummy and hew wace! we will be thinking of hew and wishing hew well!
I think you might need a little biggew bed Simba, aftew all , you awe a king!
smoochie kisses

Thor said...

Simba and Jazzy!
I missed you!
You look comfy in that bed, Simba.
Have a great weekend!


Kapp pack said...

You're the King so you can sleep wherever you want!

Royal Kisses, King Skyboy

Lorenza said...

Sharing is nice Simba!
Hmmmm.... yes, I guess Jazzi's bed is a little bit small for you!
Have a great weekend
Kisses and hugs

Mack said...

Does Jazzi mind?

Mr. Puggle said...

have a good week end too!

JB's Big World said...

That is a nice bed....uh, where was Jazzi when you were using her bed?

Mickey,Georgia , Tillie said...

Simba,I think ypu look cute in Jazzi's bed :)
I also think everything in the house is yours,heehee
Purrs Mickey

wally said...

I think you look great in that bed. Perfect fit. Your mom is really cool for doing that race thingy. Did you know our moms have the same name?? Whoa. I think that makes us brothers. Or something.

wally t.

Noah the Airedale said...

Oh Simba, we hope your not stuck!
Oh no we heard your mummy hurt her ankle. Oh no....the race!

Noah x

McCain ,Boyero Berna said...

Hi, Simba and Jazzy! .
Have a great weekend

Joe Stains said...

I think you look perfectly comfy in that bed to me!

Bae Bae said...

I think the bed is comfy and pawfect for you Simba

~ Bae