Tuesday, February 26, 2008

This strange looking lion arrived at our house the other day. I'm not sure I like the idea of another lion living here. But been of a kind and generous nature I decided to show him around.

Give him to me, I'll look after him. In the video below I'm showing him, MY TEETH!!

Simba xx


Girl Girl Hamster said...

Simba, you sure are nice to show the newbie around. I wonder if the lion is mini Boo's friend

~ Girl girl

Pippa said...

He looks a very nice lion, not too big and nasty. Does he run away so that you can chase him like a cat?

Ben_Benjamin said...

Simba, trust me. You look much better than him....he doesn't look like a lion to me.

Maggie & Mitch said...

He looks sweet and obedient! Make sure you let him know who the REAL king is at your house!

Love ya lots,
Maggie and Mitch

Huskee and Baby said...

Ummm...Simba, I think you better be careful around that newbie.. the CSI might come round again, y'know..

Marvin said...

Hi Simba!

No I would not be keen on sharing my home with another Lion, there is only room for one!

I wondered though, exactly what you showed him, which was "round"?

A round what?

(!) Love and licks, Marvin ;0D


Hi Simba

that lion is cute but not as handsome as you. check those eyes, he looks kinda sneaky but he gots a cute smile. don't let him boss ya around. you be the king of your house & my heart.

love ya lots....Mona

Verdi y Gaucho tibetano en Madrid said...

poor lion.. mmmmm

JB's Big World said...

Simba, Simba,
We will have a lion too! Come visit and see!

Balboa & Mommy said...

teach that lion who's the boss around your house. ha ha ha

Frenchie Snorts

Pacco de Mongrel said...

i thought he was ur son...simba junior...

Snowball said...

You have a lion stuffie too? I am sure he will enjoy being with you.


Le Mops said...

I tink he's looking atchoo kind of funny! Maybe you can show him what happened to Boo to scare him into place.

Le Mops & Chewie

Boo said...

simba, please check your email.

wet wet licks


Kapp pack said...

That reminds me of the lion king toys my little biped has.....scary!

Puppy slurps, Canyon

Lorenza said...

Hi, Simba!
So now there are two of a kind!
Kisses and hugs

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Hey Simba,

don't leave that lion alone. Not to be trusted. Especially with marrow bones, I believe.

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Thor said...

He looks friendly, Simba! I couldn´t see the video! I come back later!


Chiyo said...

you are only showing him your teeth? look what Boo did to HIS lion, he ate it


Bella said...

That lion looks kinda cute - you sure it's not a gf for you ????
Hmmmm I wonder if he enjoyed seeing your teefies first an being shown around - hee hee

Joe Stains said...

I don't think that lion is going to give you any trouble at all, your teeth are pretty fierce!

Girasol said...

It's only one king! you Simba. Show him your teeth.