Saturday, July 28, 2007

Our Dear friend Oscar has crossed over to rainbow bridge. Run free oscar, we will always love and remember you.

Simba xx


Ruby Bleu said...

Hi Simba...
Such sad news about Oscar. I just can't believe it and my Mom just won't stop crying. I'm so very sad.

Good luck with the house move.

Lots of Licks, Ruby

Marvin The Dog said...

That was a lovely tribute to our dear, dear friend Oscar, Simba.

It must have been such a shock for Katy and Martin......we have shed a great deal of tears for them all today.

He was truly a darlin' boy.

Good luck with your house move....

love and very sad licks, Marvin x

love from Jeannie xxxx

Maggie said...

We're just devastated here - it all happened too quickly! Mom can't stop crying! I miss Oscar!

Love ya lots,

Girl Girl Hamster said...

It's so sudden. Oscar's such a sweet boy. My thoughts are with his family.

~ Girl girl

Lorenza said...

He was an amazing good boy and friend. We will miss him so much
Take care

Sparky said...

Poor Oscar! At least in in heaven with God now.


Blue said...

We're all going to miss dear Oscar so much.
I can't believe I'm not going to be meeting again as we planned.
He was such a good sweet boy.
I still can't stop crying.

Take care of your-self, and hope the move goes well.

Pats Blue

Amber-Mae said...

This is just a very very sad day... Wish he didn't have to leave us sooo early! he's just a young boy.

Love licks,
Solid Gold Dancer

Balboa & Mommy said...

we are all in shock over the loss of dear Oscar, it's just so sad.

Momo :) said...

It was a very very sad news. We still don't know what to say.

Momo xoxo

Boo said...

simba, i'm sad sad too. :(

wet wet licks


Joe Stains said...

we are so sad :(

Bella said...

so sorry to hear of Oscars passing, rest peacefully sweet Oscar

Goofy said...

sad news we have...everyone is sad bout this

chiyo said...

it really is sad news. we only found out last night.

i hope the moving goes well today. do tell us about it. and maybe your mummy might forget about the box with the rabbits :p


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

Thank you for your lovely tribute. We are hurting so so badly now and just cannot understand why our healthy bouncy puppy had to go so soon and so fast. Knowing how much he was loved and will be missed is some comfort.

Katy and Martin xxx

umekotyan said...

I am put out sadly of oscar by tears and exist, too.

from loved ume tyan

Jackson said...

He'll be greatly missed. J x

Jessie and Jake said...

This is devastating for all of us.
THank god we have eachother and kind words as we all support them and pay tribute to a wonderful, beautiful sweet baby.

Boo said...

simba, do you miss me or not?? i'm missing you and enjoying my bachelor day with... tada, chiyo! wahhaha! she even said she'll marry me if you don't come back by friday! wahhahaha!

wet wet licks


umekotyan said...

Our mind is common to the sadness of oscar.

from loved ume tyan

ToFFee said...

We are so saddened by the news of Oscar..

we are still looking over and can't accept he's gone...

Goodluck in the new house. Your pawrents would probably busy unpacking also..


Ben_Benjamin said...

Come back soon.............

Gaucho and Verdi said...

where is simba king???????????????????????????????

Snowball said...

Its so sad. A lot of the blogs still stop at the tributes for Oscar. I can feel the sadness everywhere. I miss Oscar too. It seems so weird to go to his blog and not see new updates.


Boo said...

simba, when r u coming back? i'm missing you so much. dad promised, i'll get to use internet tonight. i hope he didn't lie.

wet wet licks


Oscar's mummy and daddy said...

I hope your house move has gone well.

We have updated Oscar's blog today with some of our plans for remembering him.

Katy & Martin x

Momo :) said...

Where are you Simba??

Momo xoxo

chiyo said...

simba i'm missing you lots! when will you be back? i'm sending you thought-kisses i hope you get them. stick up your ears so you can receive some signals.

boo is trying to auction me off just because i yelled at some stranger.