Friday, March 09, 2007

The babies are here!! You might remember my Mummys friend Well actually they arrived last week, but its taken Mummy this long to get photos of them. They were born on 28th Feb.

Here is Jack, he weighed in at 5lb 10oz

and here is Samuel. he weighed in at 6lb 12oz

Mummy bought them useless stuff like clothes. I bought them something far useful.

Yes a box of cereal each. All I need now is a few tips from boynbaby on how to get your baby to feed you cereal and I'll be very happy.

Simba xxx


Maggie said...

awwwwwww how adorable they both are! They'll be feeding you cereal in no time Simba! You'd best get yourself a bib! hehehehe

Love ya lots,

Sophie said...

Simba, The cereal is a moment of brilliance of your part, but it occurs to me that you could also give each baby a bunny.

p.s. What happens if you actually meet the bunnies face to face?

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

They are so cute.... but you got to wait for them to be a little bigger before they you can teach them to feed you. Meanwhile get in their good books first.

Boy n Baby

Baily said...

awww they are so sweet

ChaCha & Yuki said...

the babies are so cute!
hahah you are a genius simba! but yea Boy n Baby are right.....although, u could be their bodyguard, standing by at all times, and when they accidentally drop the cereals, catch and eat them!

Marvin The Dog said...

Welcome to Jack and Samuel! Welcome to the World Guys!

Simba will look after you as long as you feed plenty of cereal!

Jeannie says "What cutey pies they look", oooooh hope this doesn't mean she is thinking baby thoughts........

love and licks Marv xxxxx

Boo said...

gosh! you are the fattest for a reason! you think about food ALL THE TIME!

yeah, you need the babies to get bigger to feed you cereal. i'm sure you are smart enough to trick them feeding you rite??

wet wet licks


Jasper said...

What cute babies!!!
And you look adorable napping on your sofa!! Love those sleepy eyes!

Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, they are going to love playing with you when they get bigger.

Oscar x

Sweets-littlebigman said...

Awww! How adorable those little babies are. You are cute, too! Good luck getting the cereal from the little ones. I betcha they will sneak you pieces when they get a little older.


Joe Stains said...

those puppies are sooo cute. I think it might be a while before they can eat cereal!

Fu Fu said...

Simba, smart move on getting them cereals. Let us know when they'll hand feed you. Gotta tell them not to feed the rabbits too.

~ fufu

Isabella said...

From my personal experience with babies, the only good thing about them is that they drop food. Other than that, they are pretty tiresonme to be around- they scream and cry, their butts smell horrible, the Humans go crazy over them and take up all their time, and you get in trouble if you accidently knock them over.
Big Wags,

Cubby said...

You really think ahead, Simba!

chiyo said...

you gotta wait a couple of years, simba. i heard these hooman babies are real slow and stupid. in the meantime, try that with your mom :)


umekotyan said...

The baby is lovely.
The cookie is necessary for milk and simba for the baby. :)

From loved ume tyan

Verdi el perro said...

ei simba
the babis need mother`s milk its breast do not even have teeth. when they want to eat cereals these would be expired. jjjj
but your`s intentions are good..
the babis are lovely

Loui (and his mum!) said...

I must get mum to pay more attention and stop doing her busy stuff. So there are now babies and bunnies everywhere....I hope you are still top dog number 1 doggy!

Loui xx

Simba said...

Maggie, can I eat the bib too?

Sophie, if I meet the bunnies face to face they normally hit me.

boy n baby, get in their good books, right so I'll just sit around looking cute, as normal.

Baily, yer sweet, noisey though.

chacha and yucki, wait for them to drop food, I like your plan.

Marvin, the best babies are someone elses.

Boo, not all the time, just when I'm awake.

Jasper, I'm way cuter then babies and I sleep all night.

Oscar, I'm not sure I want them playing with me, feeding yes.

Sweets, how much older, I might starve.

Fufu, I'll keep them indoors away from the stupid rabbits.

Isabella, I'm going off them now.

Cubby, forward planning, its the only way.

Chiyo, years!!! I was thinking next week.

Ume Tyan, suppose they are cute.

Verdi, I'll eat this cereal and buy more.

Loui, I'll always be King around here.

Simba xx

Billy said...

They are adorable Simba! Thank you for sharing.

Hugs from Billy Boo:)

A&S said...

Dear Simba,
Good baby gifts (useful to you, too, the best kind!).
Did our Sis see a relative of yours at the zoo? (see blog for details).

akira and shiro

Tin Tin Blogdog said...

Good plan, important to train the littlies at the earliest opportunity.

But I wouldn't wait around to be fed that cereal for a while. Dive in now, Simba doooog!

Chow for now,

Tin Tin xo

Simba said...

Billy, I love hugs.

a aand s, the zoo?? I need to check this out.

Tintin, a dog after my own heart.

Simba xx