Thursday, January 04, 2007

The dogs at the small dog forum are all in a calender. Mummy had hung the calender on the kitchen wall.

Can you tell I'm not impressed. Don't get me wrong I love all my doggie friends at the small dog forum. I just don't see why it can't be April every month this year. Does it matter? Mummy can just tipex over the dates at the end of the month and start again. Surely she'd rather see my handsome face every day for the whole year.

Check out how cute I am.

After seeing these photo's Mummy decided I was badly in need of a bath and a hair cut. Damn stupid camera.

Simba xxx


Boo said...

yes yes, simba mommy, please shower simba... with lots of love! i think he needs some brushing too - an hour or 2 of brushing will be alright.

wet wet licks


fee said...

happy new year, dear simba! may the new year bring you much treats, toys and less haircuts!


Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

Afraid I have to agree with the bath and haircut for you - have 2 so I don't have to!

Bussie Kissies

Girasol said...

hola amigo!!

happy new year

umekotyan said...

Simba is recorded in the calendar.
It is pleasant.

From loved ume tyan

Simba said...

Boo, two hours of brushing!! As long as its not my tummy.

Fee, that sounds good.

Buster, 1 is more then enough.

Girasol. hola, happy new year

ume tyan, thank you

Simba xx

Joe Stains said...

i cant believe your nice posing got you a trip to the bath! booo :(

Simba said...

Joe, tell me about it, where's the justice.

Simba xx

Gaucho said...

i´m Gaucho, and living in Madrid.
and have a blog too.
my english is´nt good, because i´m a baby.
my brother Verdi have a loot of
friend´s dogs in spain.

happy new year...

Tigersan said...

Every month can be April... if you are really good at math ;)

Fu Fu said...

Hey Simba, dont worry. I think you'll look cuter with a little hair cut. :)

~ fufu

Chiyo said...

haha simba, it looks like Boo is giving some nasty ideas to your mommy! 2 hours of brushing??? what a nightmare!

you know, you could work on your jumps, and then you could reach the calendar and tear out all the other pages and eat them :) problem solved.


Dénia said...

Hello Simba, I'm Dénia, Isabella's French friend. You're very beautiful too. i wish you a very happy New year.
Don't forget to come and visit me, then when you come to France, next year. I live on the French Riviara, near Cannes. see you, then!!
big wags

Simba said...

Gaucho, nice to here from you.

Tigersan, math, not Mummys strong point.

Fufu, I don't like sitting still.

Chiyo, Boo is mean, I'd have to jump like tigger to reach the calender.

Denia, I'll put your address in Daddys SatNav so we get to you.

Simba xxx

Oscar Airedale said...

Baths & haircuts are nasty, but I have to admit, we do tend to look quite handsome afterwards, so maybe the pain has some gain.

Oscar x

Super Boy & Baby-Licious said...

Boo seems to be giving 'ideas' to your

Boy n Baby