Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The boatshow. Part one.

The humans had a great time at the boat show. They saw loads of boats.

Daddy looked the prices and Mummy was distracted by the shiny things.

As Mummy's dreams of a millionare life style began to spiral out of control, Daddy found some free whiskey samples to help him with the shock.

While I was all alone in the campervan, poor sad and neglected. Not even a mobile phone so I could chat to a few friends.

Simba xx


Boo said...

simba, look like you need those whiskey than your dad! they should just steal some for you!

wet wet licks


chiyo said...

i hope they at least brought back some whisky for you, you poor thing! did you have a long walk yet as promised? :) i wish i could fly there to keep you company!


Oscar Airedale said...

Aw, poor Simba all alone. I hope they came back & gave you lots of hugs.

I hope daddy didn't have a sore head after the whisky!

Oscar x

Loui said...

Hey Simba don't you travel in style!
Look at dad knocking back the drinkies....was he drunk when he got back to the van and did he order a great big St Tropez style boat??

Loui xx

Joe Stains said...

you sure do look sad and lonely. They could have at least brought you some whiskey!

Buster the Wired Fox Terror said...

My rents go to the boat show in West Palm Beach and the big one down in Miami every year. The boats are in the water though.

Bussie Kissies

Ben_Benjamin said...

Poor baby...you should start the engine & drive all the way back home.

Fu Fu said...

Simba, you didn't try any of those free whiskey. Hey you should do internet conference with us.

~ fufu

Sunshade said...

LOL, did your dad need more than one sample to combat the shock??

Love nibbles,
Miss Sunshade

Isabella said...

So did they buy you a boat? Maybe you could learn to water ski? Just make sure your dad hasn't been drinking that whiskey before he takes you out boating. If he has been drinking whiskey, then you should drive the boat.
Big Wags,

Simba said...

Boo, I think they made him leave after a while.

Chiyo, if they'd left the keys I could have come and got you.

Oscar, I'm surprised they found their way back at all.

Loui, Mummy wouldn't him order a big boat.

Buster, some of the boats were in the water, but most were inside. Its cold here in the UK.

Ben, that could be why they took the keys.

Fufu, good idea.

Sunshade, funnily enough yes.

Isabella, water ski-ing mmmmm I might be could at that.

Simba xx