Saturday, July 21, 2007

We have got a new boat. This boat already has name, it is called Shamby.

We collected the boat from the marina we bought it from last weekend. Then we had to take it up the river to our moorings. We started out Saturday afternoon, by the time we reached the marina we were going to spend the night at it had started to get dark.

Then it took all of Sunday to reach the marina. I spent some of the time looking out of the back of the boat.

Some of the time looking out the front of the boat.

Some of the time I spent sleeping.

Then we moored up Shamby and went home. I was glad to have my feet back on solid ground after all that bobbing up and down.

Simba xx

Friday, July 20, 2007

Welcome to the Great British summer. Will it ever stop raining??

I gave Mummy my sad face, so she feels sorry for me and takes me out for a walk despite the rain.

lorenza cheered me though. She sent me a rocking dog blogger award.

Thank you Lorenza. I'd like to award the rocking dog blogger to, Toffee , sir chance lot and Boo (because I miss Boo, sob)

Simba xxx

Thursday, July 19, 2007

As Boo is busy moving house its safe to talk about him for a bit. So here is my entry for Bella's Boollywood princess competion.

I've given him lovely long legs and a wig to cover his bald spot.

I'm not sure if he's singing to the bird or trying to eat it.

Simba xx

Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Poor Holiday Simba had an accident.

Wasn't me.

Simba xx

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

I was lying on the rug minding my own business and Mummy and Fat fat Daddy said, come on Simba we are going out in the car. Nothing new there, but then they parked the car and said, come on Simba we are going on a train.

I have never been on a train before, it wasn't too bad at first. But then it went underground, that was a bit scary.

We went to a place called Hyde park and there was a very nice lady there. She took my photo.

Then she gave me a cuddle. Mummy told me her name was Kat. She is Snowy and Crystal's Mummy. She came all the way from Dubai just to see me. Well she may have had other reasons, but I was top of the list.

I gave Kat, lots of kisses and in return she gave me and Mummy wonderful gifts.

Thank you Kat for making time to meet us and for the lovely gifts. Hopefully next time I'll get to meet Snowy and Crystal.

Simba xx